Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Falling Star"

"Falling Star" is my first novel that I wrote back in November of 2008.

Falling Star was written during NaNoWriMo 2008 (National Novel Writing Month). It's the story of a seventeen year old girl named Evelyn Moore that lives her mother and father. She's left alone for the weekend while her parents are both on business trips. During that time, Evelyn is out walking to the bus late one night and is brutally raped, left for dead. She manages to get home and vows never to tell anyone what happened to her, completely ashamed of what's happened. Evelyn blames herself and God for what that man did to her. Once her family returns, they don't understand why Evelyn is suddenly withdrawn and angry, she's in trouble at school, and even her friends don't come around anymore. Only a boy named Caleb attempts to speak with her, even though she pushes him away. A few weeks later, Evelyn realizes something horrible. She's pregnant with the baby of her rapist. What else could go wrong with her life?

I originally picked this topic because I wanted to write a book where the character didn't seek counseling or tell anyone of what happened to her. Evelyn's spirit was broken and she couldn't tell anyone of what happened. This is true with rape victim's that they blame themselves for what occurred and some never speak the incident. In my novel, Caleb is the only person to discover the truth about Evelyn and her connection to a news story the night he met her.

In my book, Evelyn struggles with what it is like to be a Christian after God has failed her. She is attending a private Christian high school, but her friend Katie doesn't help her. Not one person that she is close to realizes her pain, not even her pastor at church. They are unfair Christians and unkind to her. Caleb is the one person in the story that acts as a true friend to her, seeking her friendship and showing grace to her. He's one of my favorite characters.

I originally spent months editing the story and in 2009 I entered "Falling Star" in the Delacorte Press Young Adult Novel Contest. I did not win the contest, but I'm glad that I entered it. It was a good experience.

In my next post, I will include a chunk of "Falling Star" for you to read. Thanks!!