Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Discouraging Week of Writing

Hey all,

It has most definitely been a discouraging week for my writing. That nasty review on Sunday was probably foreshadowing for the rest of my week and I didn't see it at first.

Firstly, Amazon posted the quarter-finalists for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award today. I did NOT make it on to the third round. I'm a little disappointed, though I knew that the odds really were against me. Cutting from 1,000 entries to 250; I really only had a 25% chance of moving on. And luck is not my friend this week. I'm happy that I did make it past the first round, since last year I did not. I will receive two reviews from two people that read my excerpt, though it might not be for several days. I'll get a little bit of an opinion if my beginning just sucks, it was good but not good enough, or what I could improve on. Hopefully it won't be all negative. I don't know if I can take anymore negative this week.

Secondly, the sales of my nook book "Falling Star" have stalled since I received the negative review on Sunday. On Sunday, I sold 41, which was wonderful. Yesterday was 18 sales, a little lower. Today I'm sitting on 1... that's it. Maybe it will be 2 by the end of the day, but I'm not holding out any hope. That negative review has sent things in a free-fall. Selling my book was never about the money, I only make 80 cents per book. It was about having people read what I've written and only having the book cost $1.99. I'm sad about it and discouraged.

My next action will be really searching for a literary agent that represents Christian authors. I have a few that I can starting querying, so maybe I'll start writing the query letters this week to think of things positively.

Being a writer is creative and fun, but becoming read is just plain hard.




  1. I'm sorry things don't seem to be going as you hope, but I have to say, that's great that you're selling so many books. I've sold 20. Total. I go days, nay, weeks between sales. haha Keep your head up!!

  2. Thank you Allison, I'm trying to keep my head up... but it's not gonna be easy.