Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Narcissitic Nasty Review


I admit I'm kinda in down-spirits. I received my first nasty review on my novel today. It was insulting and hurtful. I wish that I could delete it and erase it from my memory, but I can't. That review with it's one star is stuck on my page and I can't get rid of it, though I desperately want to.

I'm not a stranger to rejection. I've been rejected from two novel writing contests, by a published author that is an English professor, by an agent, by a publishing company, and even by a mean reviewer on Fanfiction that tried to steal my work. Writing is something I love and I know that writing comes with lots of rejection. I immediately wanted to cry and remove my story from sales. But I hesitated. As of today, I've sold over 300 copies and only received 1 nasty comment. I can't let that stop me from doing what I love. So instead, I goggled ways to deal with rejection about your book and found an article called "Dealing with Rude and Obnoxious Comments by Bruce Horst". It actually helped. It is really hard for a creative person to deal with nasty comments and something he said made me laugh.

"Public criticism almost always has much more to do with the person leaving the criticism than it does for the person or thing being criticized. Public criticism is often a narcissistic endeavor, meant only for the person leaving the criticism to feel good about him or herself."

That is so true!

"If a person leaving a comment really wants to offer help in the form of criticism, they would not offer it publicly."

Yes, thank you Bruce! He suggests the best thing to do, is to ignore the person and try to move on. Don't ignore the fact that you are upset, but ignore the critics and you'll feel better in the end. That's what I'm gonna do. I'm hurt, but I'm gonna turn to God to help me feel better and remember that it's okay. It was only one person. There are millions of others in this world that may like my book.

Though if you wanted, I wouldn't mind if you all went and anonymously gave me a nice review to set off the negative one. :)

I'm just gonna focus on the fact that I've sold over 300 copies and in two days I find about the results of the second round of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest. For now, I'm gonna be patience and probably go listen to "Keep Holding On" until I fall asleep.

Thank you for supporting me. :)

In Christ,


  1. Man-nasty reviewers STINK! And I agree, it is usually about the comment leaver, rather than the work. I feel like as WRITERS the comments we leave should either be nice or constructive. I feel some sense of integrity to be HONEST, but if I felt compelled to say the bad, I'd try to sandwich it in the good.

  2. Hi Krista, fellow-ABNAer!
    You sold 300 books in a short time, hey, nothing to sneeze at!
    Best of luck with getting through the next round, and keep on writing. Following you now. I left my blog address on the ABNA site if you want to check it out. Catheriine

  3. Hi Krista. Don't get upset with rejections, including the one today. You might want to increase the Christian content in your novel, not to tone it down. There's an active market for Christian novels, and thereis a large audience out there.
    About rejections, please remember Jesus who got rejected by most people during his time in earth and now have 2 billion people who follow him.
    Best wishes from Canada, Giora

  4. I loved your book and have no clue why you would ever get a negative review. If I can ever figure out how to leave reviews (I am a bit technically challenged) I will leave a NICE one!