Friday, March 4, 2011

Publishing on Kindle vs. Nook

After receiving no purchases on the Kindle for two months, I decided to put my novel "Falling Star" on the Nook, which is the Barnes and Noble version of the Kindle. I think it was a very wise idea!

I have sold 3 on the Kindle now at $2.99, only because I could get 70% royalties if I sold the book at that price. I would get almost $2 back and that is higher than some authors receive from publishing companies. Also, a digital copy of a published book can cost around $9.99. Indie-publishing as it is respectfully called, is much cheaper. I've made the decision to lower the price to 99 cents and see how it sells! I'm still waiting for a review on it, hopefully a positive one. :)

On the Nook, to date I have sold 25 copies at $1.99, which is wonderful! I even received a very kind and positive review that is probably helping my sales. I'm impressed and a little shocked. It could also be because there are less books on the Nook, but maybe not. I only decided to sell it there because my sister has a Nook and I knew I would get one sale because she loves her little sister. :)

In other news, I made it to the second round of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest with my third book, "To Love without Hope"! I was extremely shocked. They take 5,000 applicants and only 1,000 go to the second round based on a 300 word pitch. I find out if I make to the next round on March 22nd. Even if I don't, I'm happy that I made it farther than last year, which was nowhere. I'll post my pitch so you can read it:

The faded image on the missing poster taped to the diner door, haunts every waking thought of Sophie Olson’s life. Jordan Michaels disappeared two months ago without a trace, and his body was never found.

Nineteen-year-old Sophie is not a stranger to pain; being raised by a neglecting father will do that. She believes that no one should know the truth of her life and is content to live a lie that everything is okay. Her life crumbles as she is snatched by a sinister and eerie man one April night. Her best friend Matt tries to protect her and is taken into the darkness with her. The basement shows no hope of escape and the chain on her wrist clinks on the stone floor; the depiction of a slave to a man named Everett. Sophie quickly finds herself face to face with the boy from the poster. Jordan is broken and beaten. She begins to believe the lies that Everett spews; there is no hope, only death to come. Despite it all, Sophie starts to fall in love with Jordan and Matt and it’s a deeper love than she could ever imagine. But it won’t save her.

Inspired by a true story, TO LOVE WITHOUT HOPE is a 52,000 word journey of broken faith in God and a love that that will break our hearts and heal them. This life-changing story tells the tale of unbearable pain, lost hope, and the fight to overcome, even if we can’t survive.

The next round is judged on the first 3,000 to 5,000 words of the novel. If it makes it on, I'll let you know! Only 250 of the 1,000 will advance to round three.

I'm also including the links for my book on Kindle and on Nook. You are welcome to purchase them or not! :)


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  1. Hello from Canada. Very good synopsis and it's intresting that you write about dark issues. I didn't know that YA fiction accept topic like this. Good luck on March 22.
    I'm in the General Fiction (page 16) and also waiting for good news. Best wishes, Giora