Tuesday, April 26, 2011

4 days until April 30th


It's April 26th and I still have heard no news from the Delacorte Random House Contest.  I'm actually quite calm about it, granted I haven't checked my mailbox today.  It will either happen or it won't.  God's in control of the outcome and worrying won't make a difference. 

Here's my funny writing thing of the day;  I suddenly had the best inspiration yesterday for writing!  But it was at one of those opportune times.  I was at work, down in the basement in our stock room and all of a sudden, these ideas for my story just started coming to me.  I'd been stuck earlier in the day and it was amazing!  I was lucky that I had some paper with me that I'd been writing down stock items on.  I pulled out a piece of paper and sat down in the dim and dusty aisle, filled with dozens of types of tape and six types of staples.  To be secretive, I pulled my cart in front of me and just spent ten minutes writing down the ideas.  Then I tore off the page and tucked it in my apron pocket and went back to work.  I love those weird moments of inspiration!  It had absolutely nothing to do with work.

I'll let you know about the mail when I get home today!  (Well, if I hear anything, if not I won't say.)



  1. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. The waiting is the worst part! And I love those flashes of inspiration, they're natural highs ;)

  2. That's awesome :) It's one of those "My Life as a Writer" snapshots that only happen once in a while. Good luck with the contest and make sure you let us know what happens