Monday, April 18, 2011

Hate/Love Relationship with the Mailman


Still nothing from the Delacorte Press Contest, I've begun having a hate/love relationship with my mailman.  I walk out to the mailbox, just wanting to get that wonderful letter and just wanting to get that rejection letter.  It would be so much simpler to have an answer.  I'm so excited that I haven't heard from them yet and there's only 12 days until April 30th, but I'm just so frustrated at the same time.  I need to just hear an answer.  Patience takes too long, lol.   Less than two weeks to go!  Maybe it'll be good news or bad.  God, please help me patient.

Only two more weeks of classes left for this semester and one week of finals.  I'm actually keeping ahead of things, but I'm very ready to be finished.  I do only get one week before my summer class starts in May.  I'll be overjoyed when this stage of my life is completed.  College... not really that fun.  I am taking a creative writing fiction class this fall semester and I'm looking forward to that, but not the business English class I'll be taking at the same time.  Oh well.

Cross your fingers for me!  Oh, "Falling Star" 's sales on the Nook are now 582!!! :)

Krista M

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  1. Two ISU English Classes at once...good luck Krista!!