Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Wasp's (Un)noble Death


I had an interesting thing happen a few days ago. It was the first actual warm day for us Iowans, reaching almost 85 degrees and I guess bugs started to come out. A warp crawled out from under my refrigerator. I'm quite squeamish when it comes to bugs, meaning I screamed and threw 8 shoes at it, hoping that one would hit and kill it. Instead... all of them missed. So, I picked up my "Breaking Dawn" hardcover book by Stephenie Meyer and dropped it on him. SPLAT! That killed him. I finally found a good use for that book, which I hated compared to the others in her series. I've moved past her writing and I'm actually proud of have used her bug to kill a wasp. :)

Anyway, on to writing... the total sales of "Falling Star" on the Nook are... 502!!! I'm very excited!! :) I now have six total reviews (only that one is negative) and 7 ratings, giving me a solid 4 stars! It's a wonderful feeling!

Also, it's April 5th and I still haven't heard back from the Delacorte/Random House Publishing Contest. The winner is supposed to be notified by April 30th. So, no news is good news? I submitted my second book "Down in the Creek" for that contest, sometime at the end of November. I'm anxious to hear back, but patience at the same time. I can't hurry it along. They never posted any winner for last year, so I do hope that I hear something.

Here's the brief plot summary that I sent along with my query letter:

Plot Summary of “Down in the Creek”:

“Down in the Creek” is the story of a seventeen-year-old girl named Olivia Reed. After the sudden death of her parents, Olivia must learn to live with the pain of loss. She’s struggling with the idea of faith in a God that let such tragedy overcome her family. Her best friends, Tabitha and Carter try to help her, but Olivia turns them away. She is desperately seeking love, love that won’t leave her empty and alone again. When a handsome young man named Ethan asks her out, Olivia is first terrified of getting close to anyone. But slowly she opens her heart and begins to trust Ethan. Yet, he’s not the person that everyone sees and the deeper Olivia gets in, the more control that he has. Her life is spiraling down, and she’s falling deep under the waters of life. If Olivia doesn’t find something to help her, she’ll lose everything she’s fighting for. “Down in the Creek” is a story of love, heartache, finding faith in God, and finding faith in yourself.

Set in Jansen, Iowa – “Down in the Creek” takes place in modern times. Olivia is a teenage girl dealing with the death of her parents and an abusive boyfriend. Young people in this generation can relate to her situation and how she feels. It’s a story about growing up and finding that life isn’t always how we dream.

I'm quite happy with how this one turned out.  There's been quite a lot more talk about abusive boyfriends/girlfriends.  I even saw a news report about awareness about those relationships.  It's modern and I think young adults can relate to it.

What do you think? :)

Yours truly,
Krista M


  1. Wow Krista!

    Abusive relationships in a YA novel? That is a fantastic theme. Sometimes teenagers fall into abusive relationships, emotional or physical, because they don't know any better. I think that writing about such a theme is really praiseworthy, it can do a lot of good for young kids to read a book like that. It's the kind of book I'd give to my teenage sister.

    On Breaking Dawn- I totally agree with you! I loved the other three, but really didn't like that one. I'm thinking of keeping mine beside my bed, to use as a weapon against any wayward intruders.

  2. I'm with Christine on it being a great theme to explore in YA. Its definitely not common, which should make it easier for you to market. Have you heard of Rachelle Gardner? She's an agent whos blog I follow. She has connections in the Christian and regular publishing industries. If you're looking for people to query, she might be worth a try. Check her guidlines first, of course. www.cba-ramblings.blogspot.com

    Oh, have you ever had to deal with cave crickets?? They're these see-through freckled things that will. not. die. And they jump like crazy. When we were rebuilding our house and had to dig out the basement, they were everywhere and I was constantly paranoid about one of them landing on me.

  3. Thanks Christine, I think it's a very important topic for young adults to read it. Sometimes, they might not even realize that their boyfriend/girlfriend is being emotionally abuse. It's good for them to know that they aren't alone and they can overcome it.

    And thank you Caitlin, I'll look into Rachelle Gardner. And those cave crickets sound disgusting! I hope I never see one of those.