Saturday, May 28, 2011

Decision Made


Happy Memorial Day weekend to all of you!! :)  I hope that you all take some time to celebrate those men and women that have served our country.  I don't really have any terribly exciting plans.  I took an online exam today for my Human Sexuality class, wow that just even sounds awkward.  Then I sent three more query emails; and I have a list of a few more that I can send to.  Now I'm watching Gilmore Girls on the SoapNet Channel, ahh... I need a hobby... okay, I need to work on my hobby; writing. :)

The reason for this post is... I've made a decision... I'm going to NEW ZEALAND!!! :)  I'm young, not attached to anyone and I've got the ability to pack up and go.  Not exactly sure when I'm going to go yet, but I'm hoping to go in August of 2012.  I graduate in December and that gives me a few months to work before I go, saving money.  Also, my lease at my apartment will be up at that point.  I'm super excited!!!!  I still have to officially apply for the program and make sure that I get my Visa, but New Zealand... I've been dreaming of going since I first saw "The Lord of the Rings" and it's just amazing... wow, I'm excited.  New Zealand...

And I'm trying to convince my cousin Emily to go with me. :)

Have a great long weekend!!  And here's a little video that I found to remind us of what this weekend means.

In Christ,
Krista M


  1. Wow, that sounds like such a cool decision! Go you!

  2. Awesome! I'm so proud of you! It's gonna be an amazing experience!

  3. WOW!!!! If you have an experience even half of what I have had here in Spain you will have a great time and learn a lot. I am excited for you but I will miss you a lot.

  4. Oh, wow, that's going to be amazing, Krista! So glad you're able to do it :)