Sunday, May 8, 2011

Querying Agents


Now that finals are over and summer has begun, it's time to start querying agents and actually writing that new novel I began a few weeks ago!  Today I sent 5 emails to different agencies that work with publishing young adult fiction and Christian fiction, which is harder than I thought.  I have a pretty solid query letter that I'm confident about, so I'm actually not that nervous to send them.

One thing that frustrated me was the number of agents that won't accept submissions from previously unpublished authors.  Okay... let me try to understand this... Publishing companies will not accept manuscripts from unpublished authors or unsolicited manuscripts, so they recommend finding an agent that will do the leg work and help you find a publishing company suited to your work, but then the agents will not always accept unpublished authors, so you need to have published a novel first, but you need an agent to be published.... It goes on and on.  How are you supposed to get hand hold on the cliff of publishing, big enough to pull yourself up if your fingers are being stepped on by both the publishing company and the agents???  It's quite confusing.  I see why some authors stick only to self publishing, which can be done so much easier.  You are the publisher and your own agent.  Easy?

Maybe they are trying to make it the road less traveled, but that's not really working.  I'm gonna be a published author.  Okay, let me correct that last statement.  With God's will and a little bit of luck, I will be a published author. :)



  1. Hang in there krista. Take it from a climber, look for holds that may not be obvious at first or try to find a crack to get yourself in. Pray for God to show you the route. Don't be afraid to make moves that seem difficult or out of the ordinary. You might put yourself in the right position to finish that section with ease.

  2. Querying is kind of frustrating! It's too bad you can't finish your novel and then have it magically appear in print (oh I guess you can, it's called self-publishing). But then you're stuck doing all the marketing!