Sunday, June 12, 2011

Agent Representation


Okay, I am trying to write calmly and not succeeding.  I just received the best email of my life... one of the agents that I queried wants to know if I'm still seeking representation.  She presented my book proposal to her staff meeting and they were impressed.  They want to read the full manuscript and represent me.


I might still be in a little shock.  I ran around my apartment for a while, scaring my cousin and my roommate.  Barely able to talk.  At first, I thought it was a heart attack, but I've calmed down now and I think I'm relaxed enough to make this post, though I'm waiting until morning to reply so I am completely calm and my email doesn't have 100 exclamation marks in it.

Wow.  An agent.

I was getting close to giving up and God didn't let me.  He gave me a gift of an agent.  I feel extremely blessed right now. :)



  1. Oh my God! Krista! That's fantastic! And when you think how close you were to giving it all up a few short weeks ago! I'm so pleased for you, you completely deserve it! Congratulations!

    Notice how you could resist the exclamation marks, but I can't. It's an exclamation mark day, though. How exciting! You have to have a celebration for this :)

  2. Thank you Christine! I can't believe I was going to give up too. I guess you have to reach the point of almost giving up before you got a little farther and it works out. :) Thanks!

    I sent my full manuscript to her today and I barely managed not to use any exclamation marks. I will definitely have to find a way to celebrate this!!! :)

  3. Maybe sometimes you have to be at your lowest point before you realise how much you want something maybe? Or so you appreciate it when you get it. Either way, this is brilliant news!

    Going off to do read the rest of your manuscript now! Will I hold off on commenting until after you here back from your agent?

  4. Maybe you do, I'm not sure. Either way, I'm totally excited too!!

    You are welcome to comment sooner! I sent my agent (wow, that's a weird phrase) a different manuscript. She's reading my second book, you're reading my third. :) I'd love to hear your thoughts on the whole thing!

  5. Brilliant, that's cool! And congratulations again! I'm so happy for you :)

  6. Do you have a twitter? I just started... Tesselizabeth99

  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Sorry I'm late, but I've been behind on reading everyone's posts. I'm so excited for you :)