Sunday, June 19, 2011

A beautiful moment


I hope you all had a nice Father's day!  My family and I went to a Mexican restaurant that my parents like quite a bit.  But... we determined it was our last time there.  My older sister ordered something with chicken and when she tasted it, it was strange.  My dad tested it and decided that it was spoiled chicken that they had cooked.  The restaurant was nice enough to not make us pay for it and gave us free dessert, but we probably won't go there again.  After lunch, we decided to spend the day at the local aquatic center and enjoy the beautiful weather today, a little warm but sunny and perfect for swimming.

Slide Aly went down in the back right
My favorite moment of the day was with my little sister, Alyson.  She's seven years old and adorable.  There's a large slide that goes into the children's cove (a playground with a waterslide, things that spray water, floating animals, and complete with a bucket that dumps a lot of water every few minutes).  Aly did NOT want to go down the slide.  She'd been down before and her head went under the water and she didn't like it.  I finally managed to coax her to go down the slide, promising to catch her at the bottom.  The first time didn't go the best.  Aly's head went under the water when I caught her and she got some water in her mouth.  I slowly got her to try one more time. 

This was the time that was beautiful.  Aly sat down at the top of the slide and wouldn't go until I was standing directly where she was aimed.  I told her that I was going to catch her and put out my arms.  Aly put out her little arms and pushed herself down the slide, smiling as she went.  I had stepped to the side so I wouldn't be plowed over.  Reaching out my arms, I snagged her before her head went under and she just smiled at me, laughing as I picked her up.  I admit that Aly refused to go again after that, but she went twice.

Aly reminded me how important it is to never give up, to try again.  Even if the first time didn't go the way we expected.  She was brave enough and trusted that I was going to catch her.

Whatever happens with my writing, I'll keep trying and I know that God will be waiting at the bottom of the slide with outstretched arms, waiting to catch me and help me up again. :)

In Christ,

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  1. Perseverance is a hard life lesson, but such a necessary one. Glad you had a nice day!