Saturday, June 25, 2011

An Editing Thank-You

I would like to give a "Thank-you" to Christine Murray, for her help with my editing.  She read my full manuscript, "To Love Without Hope" and gave me a whole bunch of help tips for my story.  My favorite thing that she said was that she had never read a story like mine.  Isn't that what we all dream about?  Don't we all dream that we are writing a story that no one has ever read before?  We want our book to be unique and a story that will touch our readers.  Thank you Christine!  I am going to edit my heart out to make this book as good as I can get it!  You're gave me great encouragement and I am very thankful. 

You should all go check out her blog and read about her writing adventure!

I'm off to have a writing day!! Go to get going on that editing. :)


  1. No need to thank me, I enjoyed it! And I'm glad some of my feedback was helpful :)

  2. It was very helpful! Now I just need to sit down and get "cracking" with the editing. :)