Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Foe - Editing


Gah!  I am struggling with my nemesis tonight.  I'm trying to do some much needed editing of "To Love Without Hope" and it's just not happening. 

I'm also making a new list of foods, a new goal that I have.  I went to see my doctor on Wednesday for a great pain in my legs and he mentioned that my blood pressure is high.  He checked his records and it's always been a little high.  I have to see him again in two weeks to discuss it and check my legs.  High blood pressure?  I'm 22 years old.  My first thoughts were; "I'm too young for this problem".  Really?  I'm not.  It's time to make a change.  I've been telling myself for years that I would make a chance, but I"m not.  I need to eat fresh fruit and vegetables, eat less food with sodium and eat more healthy foods, drink skim milk instead of 1% and eat dark chocolate instead of milk.  I also need to start exercising more.  I need to stop my bad habits now and give my heart a chance to be healthy. :)  I don't want to take drugs to fix this problem; changing my lifestyle is better for me in the long run. :)

Anyway, back to editing... I think I would rather spend an hour with Justin Bieber, listening to his song "Baby" over and over instead of editing.  To be clear, I don't care for Justin Bieber.  That would be torture.  Editing is like taking your favorite stuffed animal and dressing him in ridiculous clothing while taking out chunks of his fur and still trying to love him.  I really love my stuffed hippo "Chubby" and I wouldn't want that to happen to him.  But my novel is far from perfect and it is missing pieces of the puzzle.  I need to edit.

How do you survive editing?



  1. It is certainly important to edit. I kinda have an opposite foe... over editing. I edit and edit and edit... even while I'm writing... and it takes forever to complete a manuscript!

    Good luck with your editing. And good luck with your high blood pressure and the pain you're having. I hope the food changes help!

  2. I've actually started writing with a rule about no editing until I'm completed with a manuscript. It really helps me write, just takes a little bit more when editing.

    Thanks! I see the doctor about my blood pressure on Wednesday.