Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 23 - Resolutions are more fun!

Now that I'm past the high point of the story or the climax of the plot... it's time for the resolutions to begin.  I can finally start tying up those loose ends that have been hanging out all around my novel.  My main character is no longer so crazy stressed, though she is partially.  I like writing these happier moments, though I'm not completely done with the conflicts yet.  I have some conflicts to bring up and resolve in these last 8,000 words.  It should be a nice walk in the park!

And the weather in Iowa has finally calmed down enough that it's bearable to go outside.  I have five days left at my current job before my internship begins.  I'm excited for that!  Also, I move a week from Monday.  I really need to finish my novel so I can concentrate on packing. :)

Day 23 - Word count:  41,421


  1. Oh man, you're at the fun part. This and first edits are the best things about writing!