Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 9 - Update on Camp

Not been doing a lot of writing the past few days, but I can say that I had an AMAZING time at the water park on Thursday!  My back survived the adventure, so yay!  My favorite attraction was this 60 ft funnel that you went back and forth in the inside, after being dropped down this tube and then you were spat out at the bottom of the tunnel.  It was incredible!  My friends and I screamed so much, but we really really enjoyed it!  They also had this water roller coaster that was a lot of fun and a water toboggan ride where you raced.  Since fours of us went, we had the perfect number for every ride! :)  The only one that I didn't do was the slide that dropped you straight down 28 feet.  A little too scary for me.  I took a few pictures on my water camera, but I'll have to wait to post them until I get it developed.

I'm hoping to catch up a little on my writing today and one of my friends is taking my pictures since she's an aspiring photographer.  Rachel is quite good and I'll put up a few when she's done!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Day 6 - Word count:  13,347
Day 7 - Word count:  13,347
Day 8 - Word count:  14,444


  1. That sounds like a blast, uber jealous! Love the new blog design too!

  2. Oh man, sounds fun! The last time I rode a roller coaster, I was nearly punched in the face by the guy next to me because I kept screaming in his ear. No good.

  3. Sounds like so much fun. Also, here is a little cheer to keep you motivated for Camp NaNoWriMo -

    Gooooooooo Krista!

  4. Thanks everyone! I actually got a lot more writing done today and I'm ahead again. I'll put up my word count tomorrow since I'm going to write a little more before I fall asleep. :)