Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A frying pan, who knew?

Who would have known that a frying pan would be such a popular weapon of choice?

Sam's pan from The Lord of the Rings

Rapunzel's pan from Tangled

Who knew?   You are probably wondering what is the point of this.  Yes, people hit people on the head with frying pans.  My point is, I think we should all carry a frying pan as writers.  They would be very useful. 

Someone doesn't think that you should be a writer.  *HIT*  An agent doesn't like your book.  *HIT*  You found someone who is doing so much better than you with writing and you are extremely jealous.  *HIT*

Today, I think I'm gonna go out and buy a frying pan. :)

Can you think of any movies where a character hits someone with a frying pan?  If you have a frying pan, would you hit someone on the head?


  1. lol! My son actually hit me with frying pan once after watching Tangled. When I told him it hurt, he hit himself - lesson learned.

  2. Lol, ouch! That is a good lesson learned. :)

  3. What a funny post! Thanks for the giggles, Krista!

  4. Flyn: "I need to get me one of these!"

    Frying pans are the best ;)

  5. You are very welcome ladies! It made me laugh too. :)

  6. In the now defunct Jim Henson tv series "Dinosaurs", the baby would hit the dad with a frying pan or pot and say "Not the Mama". It was an annoying running gag.