Monday, August 22, 2011

Nameless fantasy novel

Okay, I said in my last post that I would share a little bit about the fantasy novel that I started writing as an escape from all of the other problems with finding an agent for young adult Christian fiction.  Because agents that want Christian books want non-fiction or adult fiction.  No wonder there are so many Amish type young adult Christian novels.  No modern ones can get published.  Anyway... enough of my rant.

And off topic again, I was reading more about New Zealand in my book today and the author was describing the government and temperment of the people.  They like to joke around with people and find great worth in a person with friendliness and humility.  The government, though they have a lot of political parties, sounds simple.  They also have an extreme interest in rugby.  I'd like to see a live match of that sometime.  Not many people play that in the United States.

Back to the fantasy novel, I actually started the idea with a writing prompt from my blogging friend, Krista over at I Take the Pen.  She posts a prompt every week and then picks a winner to receive "The Mighty Pen" award.  You should definitely go check it out!  This is the prompt that she gave; "You don't understand! I can't. I can't."... So, I turned that into...

I can't," the young woman begged.

"You will give him up to me," the man hissed, squeezing her wrist and causing her to cry out in pain.

"Never, you can torture me, but I will never give him up to you! I cannot!" she yelled.

He dropped her to the hard stone floor and let her fall, slamming the heavy wood door in her face. Lily trembled, wrapping her arms around her shoulders as she wept. Water dripped down the dungeon walls and the sound of someone screaming came from down the long hallway right outside her door. It was too much, but Lily refused to give up. She would protect her brother until the day she died. He was fighting for freedom and the mistreatment of their people. Death would just be another adventure. 

Also, CherylAnne had a prompt and I kinda continued the same plot thought, just the opposite side of what was going on.  Focusing on the brother instead of the sister and came up with this: (her prompt is in bold.)

Cool metal pressed against his bare skin and a soft hiss, like cold water on a hot pipe, surrounded him. Thoughts slogged through his head, heavy and think, and breaths came in shallow bursts. He rolled on his side and eyed dark glass spanning the far wall.  They were watching…

and there was no hope of escaping this cold prison. He was going to die here. Edom dropped to the floor, no longer wishing to stare out the window at his own death. They were preparing the gallows to hang him. He wished that things were different and it didn't have to end like this. He could have saved all of them... the couple with the newborn baby, the toddler twins, and the man who was searching for his wife. He could have saved them, but he couldn't now. They were also condemned to death. The worst part was... Edom had brought his own sister to death. Lily was gone.

"You. Now," a voice snarled.

Edom closed his eyes as he was dragged to his feet. The man hauled him to his feet and down the long hallway, out into the cold night air. The rope was rough around his neck. No one was crying for him or watching anymore. Just his captors.

"I'm sorry, Lily," Edom whispered.

There was a loud thump and the price of freedom has been paid and it was not enough.

So, that's a lot of information, but I've started a novel that I can't seem to name about a group of young people, mostly children that are healers and because of their unexplained magic, they are hunted and murdered.  Edom is the leader and I changed his sister's name to Liora.  I think it's an interesting story to read about people that would have their own children murdered and allow such evil to harm innocent children that really can only heal.  I don't know.  If anyone that likes fantasy would be willing to read the first chapter and tell me if it even sounds like fantasy, I'd love it!


  1. I like it, I think you have a solid base, good luck!

  2. I like the idea! And a am a total fantasy buff! So I would love to read your first chapter.

    Also can I same I am totally excited that my prompt inspired you! That is kind of the whole purpose of my blog - to inspire others to write.

  3. @Jen - Thanks!! :)

    @Krista - Just leave me your email and I'll send what I have written so far. :) Thanks in advance! I'm really glad that your prompt inspired me. It got me a little out of my writing funk.


    Can't wait to read it :)

  5. I sent it to your email! I hope that you like it! :)

  6. Very promising, it should be great! Just wanted to stop by and say hi and follow a fellow campaigner :)