Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Goals

I've decided that I need to make some goals for the rest of this month because writing-wise I haven't been getting anything done since I finished "The Secret" at the end of July.  I did go to a wedding last night that was a two hours drive there and two hours back.  That took up most of yesterday, but I don't have a lot of other excuses.  So... without further ado... my goals.

* All editing for "To Love Without Hope" will be completed by September 1st.  This includes grammatical editing, character development corrections, adding new scenes, and cutting previous scenes that were only for word count.
* Possibly hear back from beta readers on "The Secret" by September 6th

* Finishing reading all of "The Fellowship of the Ring" (again) by J.R.R. Tolkien by August 30th
* Begin reading "The Two Towers"

* Purchase tickets for Wicked starting on August 20th
* Research churches in New Zealand

You are all welcome to keep me accountable to my goals and encourage me to finish them!  I definitely will need a little push once in a while, so I can hopefully get these things done soon. :)

How do you make sure that your projects get done in a timely manner?


  1. UGH! So jealous of your Wicked tickets!

    Is the church research for a book, or are you heading you there?

  2. Good goals! So jealous of the wicked tickets as well!

  3. @The East Coaster - Lol, I saw Wicked a few years ago and when I heard that it was coming back to Iowa, I just HAD to see it again! :) I'm very excited to go!! And I'm hoping to go to New Zealand next year, so I'd like to know more about churches there. :)

    @Jen - Thanks! I'm so excited for WICKED!

  4. So... I know of a church in New Zealand, it's the same church I belong to. So if your interested, let me know :)

  5. Thanks Krista! There's actually a church called ARISE that I'm looking at right now, but I'll probably look at lots of them before next August. :)

  6. Sometimes it's the "doing other things" that jumpstart the creative flow. And then you're off and writing again! For me, it's more like wanting to shut it off! Stops the words, but they keep coming and coming and coming and ... oh boy!