Sunday, August 21, 2011

Revised Goals

* All editing for "To Love Without Hope" will be completed by September 1st.  This includes grammatical editing, character development corrections, adding new scenes, and cutting previous scenes that were only for word count.  (Done)
* Possibly hear back from beta readers on "The Secret" by September 6th (Partially completed, still waiting to hear back from one reader)

* Finishing reading all of "The Fellowship of the Ring" (again) by J.R.R. Tolkien by August 30th
* Begin reading "The Two Towers"

I am scratching the whole “reading” section and making some other choices. 

* Purchase tickets for Wicked starting on August 20th  (I don’t have anyone to go with, sad!  I desperately want to go!)
* Research churches in New Zealand  (I found one that sounds pretty good, but I think this will be more important when I get there)


* Complete elephant cross-stitch bib

* Read first few chapters of “Living Abroad in New Zealand” by Michelle Waitzman (I started reading it today and it’s quite good so far.  There are no native mammals in New Zealand, only a bat.  No poisonous snakes or spiders.  It’s a laid back way of life.  I am getting more excited about this!)

* Think of title for fantasy novel (This is something I’m considering.  I have one chapter written and I’m not sure where it is going yet.  Maybe I’ll share something about it in my new post.)

My overall goal is to take a little break from writing, though I'm not sure that that will be completely possible since I'm coming up with an idea for a fantasy novel.  That's the life of a writer, I try to take a break and more plot bunnies come running past me.  Well, I'll just see how that goes and in my next post, maybe I'll give you some details about my fantasy idea.  In the meantime, classes start tomorrow and my last semester begins.


  1. Congrats on getting the editing done! I'm sitting here, still green over your trip to New Zealand. You're going to have an amazing time and that place is one of the best to get inspiration for a fantasy novel

  2. I totally want to live in New Zealand, and what just said is the topper on the cake. Good luck with your goals!

  3. I would LOVE to see New Zealand! If you go, I'll be waiting for pictures! Classes start for me in two weeks--I can't wait to get back. Good luck this semester!

  4. Sometimes when I need to take a break from writing - I end up writing outside my genre instead. Sometimes taking a break means working on something you don't feel pressed to complete.

    Good luck!

    Oh and I think you should write a fantasy novel - not just because it happens to be my favorite genre :)

  5. @The East Coaster - Thanks! I hope New Zealand will be amazing inspiration for a fantasy novel, it is incredibly beautiful there.

    @Jen - Thanks! I can't believe that in less than 11 months I will hopefully be traveling to New Zealand!

    @JMCOOPER - The plan is to go next August for a year or two. I will definitely put up pictures!

    @Krista - I agree because I don't necessarily feel pressed to complete a fantasy novel, but I'm writing it. Would you like to read the beginning? I'm curious if it even sounds like fantasy.