Tuesday, August 16, 2011

That place of Negativity

Ugh... I am back at that place of negativity.  It's been over two months and I am still waiting to hear if that agent likes my book.  That was June and now it's August.  I start my final semester on Monday, but I'm feeling a bit negative.  I know that I will NOT give up, but I need to hear something from her, either way.

I did find this song today that is actually making me feel quite a bit better.  I think you'll like it.  It's about going one more, and not stopping. 

Hope you have a good day!


  1. Hey, the waiting is the worst part. I hope you hear something soon.

    Great song too :)

  2. I HATE waiting I'm terribly impatient and I get down on myself easily. Hang in there, these things take time!

  3. Thank you Jen! :) I saw somewhere how waiting compared for an agent and a writer.

    Writer - 3 months = 3 million years
    Agent - 3 months = 3 minutes

    So very true.