Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Creative Tuesday #2

Each week on Tuesday, I post a creative writing prompt and my response to it.  The best way to get better at writing is to practice.  It gives me a chance to write a little flash fiction and spend some time writing outside of my WIP. :)  You are welcome to do the same and post your response in the comments!

Creative prompt #258

Complete this famous tagline with your own:  The greatest tragedy is _______.

Tragedy of the Burnt Kind

Abby ran around the kitchen, dropping ingredients into the steaming pan as she hummed softly to herself.  She slid across the kitchen floor in her socks, almost dropping the butter piece of bread with a piece of cheese sandwiched between.  It was grilled-cheese Wednesday.  School always dismissed at noon on Wednesdays and since her mom and dad didn't get home until four thirty, Abby had the house to herself!

"Oh girls, just wanna have fun!" she sang loudly.

The CD player was sitting in the window of the small apartment kitchen, balanced next to a flower pot containing a deceased plant.  Abby pressed the stop button, as she plopped the bread down on the pan.  She dashed into the living room, returning with her favorite movie and sticking it into the DVD player next to the small dining room table.  She popped in Pride and Prejudice, quickly fast forwarding to her favorite part, where Darcy was standing the rain with Elizabeth and professing his love.  Abby sat down at the table, dazedly staring at the screen.  The movie continued to play.  She sighed, enjoying the moment and completely forgetting about the grilled cheese sandwich on the pan.  

"Oh no!" Abby exclaimed, smelling the burnt cheese.

She ran to the kitchen, but alas.  It was too late.  There was a black lump on her pan, the former grilled cheese.  The greatest tragedy is burnt grilled cheese.  She picked up the pan and began to fan the kitchen before the smoke detector went off.  

"How could I have done this to you?" she mumbled.  "I am so sorry, grilled cheese.  You would have been delicious."

Sadly, I have actually burnt grilled cheese a few times.  When you are really craving that delicious cheesy grilled goodness, it's quite a tragedy.  Hope you liked it!


  1. Ha! That's definitely something I would do. Except I hate grilled cheese. I think I'm the only person I've ever met who hates it. :)

  2. Lol! True tragedy here. Thanks for the laugh!

  3. Very cute story. I really enjoyed it. But now I'm hungry for a grilled cheese. My husband makes them the best with a slice of tomato. Yummmm. :D

  4. @Cynthia - I do it a lot! I get distracted and there goes dinner, lol.

    @Jen - A very true tragedy, lol. You're welcome!

    @CherylAnne - Thanks! I was hungry when I wrote it, but we were out of cheese slices. With tomato sounds yummy! :)