Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Creative Tuesday #3

Each week on Tuesday, I post a creative writing prompt and my response to it.  The best way to get better at writing is to practice.  It gives me a chance to write a little flash fiction and spend some time writing outside of my WIP. :)  You are welcome to do the same and post your response in the comments!

I admit that I completely forgot that I was doing this for the month of October and I apologize.  I have been quite distracted with school and life.  For anyone who is wondering, my friend Chris, who is dying of a brain tumor, is not really doing well anymore.  I went to see him last week and I don't think he really remembers me.  We sat together for two hours and he only said two sentences.  It's painful, but I'm trying to be strong.  If you would, please keep his wife, Pamela, in your prayers.  This is very hard for her.

Anyway, on to my creative prompt.

Creative Prompt #16

Where do you go when you want to get away from the pressures of life, family, work, etc...?  Write about that place.

Sometimes, it rains there and sometimes it is sunny.  I’d like to say that there’s a beautiful waterfall, spilling over a small ledge, only about ten feet high and pouring into an open pool where the water is always warm and one can swim without shivering for as long as they wish.  I’d also like to say that my place is quiet and wind whispers through the trees, comforting words that I cannot understand but they bring me peace.  My place of solitude isn’t exactly like that.

It is probably more reminiscent of Tolkien’s world, Middle Earth.  Rolling hills as the beautiful melodies of Howard Shore reach my ears, brass and string instruments playing a song that touches my heart.  I’m dressed in a long white gown, with flowing sleeves and not a completely modest neckline.  The Evenstar glitters as it hangs upon my breast.  I ride a chestnut stallion, feeling the strong muscles beneath me as he moves and the wind blows my long hair into my face.  It doesn’t bother me like it normally does.  Nothing bothers me as I ride into the sun, blinding by the light but always moving towards my goal.  When night falls, I lay upon the field, gazing up at the stars in wonder and dreaming that I could reach up my hand and pluck one from the sky to hold the small little light in my hands.  It would be beautiful.  There would be no tears of regret, shame, sadness, or guilt.  When it rains, I would stand in the cold rain – enjoying it and not wasting a moment to brush away the wetness.  I would be at peace.  I could live without fear that I would not make enough money or my stories would never be published.  I wouldn’t have to bury another person that I loved, though I would be alone.  But not alone.  God’s presence would blanket me and protect me.  I am safe and loved.  I could only stay for a while.  Happiness would pull me back to the real life that I live and I would be reminded that I could return when I needed my escape.

What does your place look like?


  1. Oh, great place! I particularly love the warm pool--perfect for skinny dipping! That is sort of how I roll.

    My own place would be a bungalow on the Oregon shore--nice and stormy--rhythm of the waves reminding me how awesome nature can be.

  2. @Krista - Thank you! :) Gotta love fantasy for inspiring that.

    @Hart - Skinny dipping, very nice! I didn't even think of that, but if I'm alone... might as well! :) Your place sounds nice too, I love the sound of waves.