Sunday, October 16, 2011

Why I Write

So, I've not had a lot of writing ideas lately, so I decided to answer this post from Musings of a Procrastinating Author.  The rules:

Step 1: Write a blog post with the topic "Why I write". The goal is to search inside yourself for the core reasons as to why you open your notebook/Word Processor/napkin every day and put words down.

Step 2: Link back to this post somewhere in your post. It can be in the opening, the ending, in an image, whatever. The point is to direct people here so they can read everyone else's reasons.

Step 3: Link to your post in the comments below. (Note: give a bit of a teaser, such as key words, the opening sentence, etc.)

Step 4: Read the reasons from others and gain a better understanding and fellowship about what it means to be a writer/author.

Step 5: (pretty optional) Use one of the graphics below - or make your own - to link in your sidebar to the reason why you write so all your future visitors can see it too and learn more about you. 

Alrighty - let's see what I can come up with.


I've always been really close with my older sister, Stephanie.  She's two years old older than me and for most of our childhood, we were mistaken as twins.  Though people usually thought that I was the older one as we aged.  My sister used to write all the time.... in the bathroom.  Steph would leave notebooks full of her stories on the bathroom floor and I'd read them, even though she would yell at me for it later.  Most involved her being married and having 8 children, all boys and living in a big house while taking care of them.  I always thought that they were interesting.  She doesn't write anymore, but she does read a lot more than me.  Steph literally finds time to read several books a week.  I love my big sister and I love that she got me started writing.

I didn't get serious about writing until 5th grade when I met my friend, Molly, in my literature class.  She was in the same row with me and we had to write a story where one person writes for a few minutes and then passes it to the person behind them to continue it.  Very funny.  Our row ended up writing about trapping Santa Clause.  That's how "The Holiday Catchers" began and our friendship.  Molly and I have been friends since we were ten and writing since then.  We've written many stories since then and I promise that the plots have improved from trying to catch Holiday figures.

Writing is often therapeutic for me.  I've lost quite a few people that I love.  In a span of ten months, I went to four funerals - two family members and two friends.  I also have a friend right now that is dying of brain cancer.  A lot of what I write has deep connections to my life or is a way that I deal with something bothering me.  There was a young man on my college campus that disappeared and I couldn't deal with it.  It frightened me and I was scared for him.  I wrote an entire novel that helped me deal with it.

Writing gives me an outlet for my emotions.  I'm a highly sensitive person (you should look that up if you don't know what it is).  That basically means that I have a high psychological sensitivity.  I can become more easily overwhelmed by some situations, but most of the time I am pretty shy.  I am easily affected by other people's moods and big groups of people make me uncomfortable.  I have a rich, complex inner life and I enjoy music more than others.  I need time by myself to recharge.  Change can upset me.  It's not a curse being highly sensitive.  Highly sensitive people are often unusually creative and productive workers, attentive and thoughtful partners, and intellectually gifted individuals.  It used to bother me, but I just need to be more aware that I am really sensitive to things and I try to avoid those situations that upset me.  I really love that it helps me be more creative and I can write about those emotional stories better.

Ever since I started writing, writing has been the only thing that I've only wanted to do.  Maybe a teacher for a while, but it's always really been about writing for me.  I love it.

That's why I write. :)


  1. Great post. Hope you're ok, you're having a really rough time right now. Hugs x

  2. Thank you, it is really tough right now, but I'm gonna make it through it.