Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Be Thankful Blogfest - Week One

Welcome to the first post of my "Be Thankful" Blogfest!  You can read the original post here about why I decided to do this. 


1.  Post one (or more) blog posts about what you are thankful for.  I encourage you to do one a week for the month of November to help you remember what you are thankful for.  (see below)
2.  Link your post in the comments below so I and others can read it. :)
3.  Share this challenge with a friend to see if they can think of something to be thankful for!
4.  Enjoy the thankful Turkey image and add him to your post!

Here are the topics for each week of November -
Week One - A person you are thankful for
Week Two - A gift (talent) you are thankful for
Week Three - List of ten random things you are thankful (this is the post you can be thankful for pizza or chocolate) and why you are thankful for them
Week Four - The thing you are most thankful for in your life (it can be another person, a place or anything else that you can think of)

 AND NOW.... Here is my week first entry!

Week One - A person you are thankful for

For this first post, I decided to post about my little brother and sister.  I am very thankful for Hunter and Alyson, who are five and seven.

One of my old favorites of Hunter, sucking his thumb

Alyson with her dance recital flowers, 2010

Hunter and Alyson are adopted, but I love them just as much as my other siblings.

Alyson came to live with us when she was just fifteen months old.  Her mother dropped her off at DHS and never came back.  I can remember the first time that I saw her.  My older sister, Stephanie, and I pulled open the van door, expecting this little blond hair and blue eyed baby, but found Aly.  I loved her the moment I saw her.  I loved putting Alyson to bed when she was so tiny.  I would always hold her in my arms and sing to her before tucking her into her crib.  She's almost 8 years old and I love her!  We always have such wonderful conversations for a little girl and I get an excuse to play Barbies.

Hunter was six days old when he came to us, so small and quiet.  He was born drug affected and was taken from his mother.  I loved to hold him in my arms, though I thought he would break the first few times I held him.  I didn't want to hurt him.  He's adorable and I love him!  He's also so funny.  Hunter loves Buzz Lightyear and Woody, and he absolutely loves if you will sit down and read him a book.  I've not met a little boy that likes reading so much.  He's gonna follow in his big sister's footsteps and be a bookworm!

I am very thankful that God has given these two little angels to our family.  We are blessed to be able to give them the love that they deserve.

Who are you thankful for? 

I would love to read who you are thankful for!  Go ahead and post about it on your own blog, with the rules and post the link in the comments!  Or you can just leave me a comment about who you are thankful for! :)


  1. You must have some AMAZING parents. I'm sure your little brother and sister feel just as thankful for you as you do for them :o)

  2. Hi Krista,

    Love this. Hunter looks very dedicated to sucking his thumb in that picture. Is he a determined little guy?

    I'm trying to "practice gratitude" this month. I've been posting 5 things for which I am grateful every morning on facebook and asking my kids as well. Coffee has been on the list all three days. :)

  3. @Angela - Thanks! I do have some amazing and loving parents! I think Hunter and Aly are very thankful for us too. They get to have older siblings that love caring for them.

    @Sara - Hunter is very determined! :) I think it's great that you've been practicing gratitude with your kids! Coffee would be on my list too. :)

  4. Aw, that's so sweet! I'm sure Hunter and Alyson are very thankful to have you as a big sister, you obviously love them a lot!

  5. Thanks Jenna! I really do love those little two! :)