Thursday, November 17, 2011

Be Thankful Blogfest - Week Three

Yes, I know that I missed week two with everything going on, but I wanted to continue my "Be Thankful" Blogfest!


1.  Post one (or more) blog posts about what you are thankful for.  I encourage you to do one a week for the month of November to help you remember what you are thankful for.  (see below)
2.  Link your post in the comments below so I and others can read it. :)
3.  Share this challenge with a friend to see if they can think of something to be thankful for!
4.  Enjoy the thankful Turkey image and add him to your post!

Here are the topics for each week of November -
Week One - A person you are thankful for
Week Two - A gift (talent) you are thankful for
Week Three - List of ten random things you are thankful (this is the post you can be thankful for pizza or chocolate) and why you are thankful for them
Week Four - The thing you are most thankful for in your life (it can be another person, a place or anything else that you can think of)

10 Random Things I am Thankful For (Not in any order)
1.       Pineapple – I love fresh pineapple!
2.       My collection of toe socks
3.       My Star Trek: Enterprise and Star Trek: Voyager DVD collection – I’m a nerd :)
4.       The Lord of the Rings – enough said!
5.       Cookie dough ice cream
6.       My eleven-year-old cocker spaniel, Lacey
7.       My stuffed hippos – Chubby, Bert, and Emmy
8.       The stars in night sky
9.       Rainy days
10 .   Spray that kills spiders

What are ten random things that you are thankful for?


  1. I love LOTR and Star Trek! And I really hate spiders. :)

  2. @Peggy - Awesome! And spiders are just so creepy! :)

  3. A lot of spider hate in the general vicinity. Fresh pineapple is awesome.

  4. toe socks =) you're silly
    i'm thankful for silly friends!

  5. @Dan - Spider hate is quite frequent. :) My roommate dehydrates pineapple and it is amazing!

    @Tara - Thanks! I'm thankful for silly friends too!

  6. ummm... cookie dough ice cream. My favorite!

  7. I don't actually have a problem with spiders... Guess I'm just weird like that! ;) Cockroaches on the other hand...ARGH!!!!

    I like all your other thankfulnesses though!

  8. Cockroaches are gross! I agree with you, Trisha!