Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What's Your Brick Wall?

I follow Rachelle Gardner, who is a Literary Agent with WordServe Literary Group and she had an excellent post today about "What's Your Brick Wall?"  She was writing about the obstacles in our lives that we run into (like a brick wall) that make us question if we really want to continue.  This happens in normal life and in writing.  It made me think of what is my "brick wall".

* Not feeling like a good enough writer
* Rejections
* Writer's block
* Having a friend/family member tell me to pick a different "love"

A brick wall shouldn't stop us from doing what we dream about doing.  It's ONLY there to remind us that it's not an easy path to become a published author, but we need to keep fighting for it.  Bricks wall as not indestructible.  We can take a hammer to them and break them down, so they aren't in our way.

I can think of many bricks walls in my normal life; my grandma's death, uncle's death, two family friends' death - all in the span of eight months, thinking that my life was worthless and considering suicide as a teenager, moving my freshman year of high school and having no friends for a year because I was so bitter and angry, losing my close friend Chris this year, no knowing what to do with my life, feeling undateable -- the list could go on and on, but those things have never stopped me from writing.  They have shaped what I write and who I am.  I'm a better person because I've survived through the tough times. 

I won't let a brick wall stand in the way of my dreams of writing.  I'll break it down.

This song has been really encouraging for me.  I know it's a kid's song, but it has a great message.

What bricks walls have you run into - in writing or in life?  Have they helped you understand how badly you want something?


  1. Brick walls can be dastardly things. But like the ones you mentioned encountering in your life, most help to shape and mold us to be better, stronger, wiser. They can make us some other not-so-nice things alonog the way. But in conquering the obstacles, like my self-doubt and lots of doubt in my writing ability, progress can be made. I sometimes find I am my own worst enemy and when I get out of my own way, more things are possible.

  2. The "not being a good enough writer" is definitely a huge brick wall for me as well. But a "just keep swimming" attitude is really important. And it's always great to look back on old stuff and see how much I've improved, and how much I'll continue to improve.

  3. You have a lot of great insight and perspective here. I think facing the "brick walls" in our lives, and having the strength to channel our creativity through them, makes us stronger people and, ultimately, more interesting writers. Keep going!

  4. I think those hard things are what give life flavor. I know I can look back at my trails and feel like I became a better person because of them. And they teach us how our characters would react as well. Life is worth living :)