Monday, January 9, 2012

12 more days!

"Life is not measured in the number of things you have accomplished, but by the joy that you've shared while accomplishing those things."    ~Unknown


That is so very true.

There are twelve days until submission opens for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest and I've been procrastinating taking a billionth time look at my novel to make sure that it's ready and fix any mistakes.  Procrastination!  Gah, procrastination is just terrible. I have to get working!  Also, to make sure that my pitch and excerpt are ready for the contest!!

At least in other news, I have a phone interview for a job tomorrow and I hope that it goes well! :)

Back to the grind!  Editing, here I come!

Would anyone be willing to take a look at my pitch and evaluate it for me?  I am willing to return the favor!


  1. Yay! I'm entering this year too, same story as last year. I met so many wonderful people during ABNA.

  2. Allowing myself to daydream a bit about reaching my goals helps motivate me. Best of luck with the contest & the interview. My fingers are crossed for you.

    I can take a look at your pitch if you'd like. I don't know how helpful I'll be but am happy to offer my thoughts on it. My email is if you want to send it. :D

  3. @Christine - Yay! I'm entering the same story too, but I did an edit of it, adding 4,000 words and I like it much better. I met you during ABNA, so it was really wonderful! :)

    @CherylAnne - Daydreaming about goals really does help. :) Thank you! I will send you my pitch in a little bit.

  4. I as always am more than willing to offer my opinion :) So I would be happy to review your pitch. But I don't have one for you to look at.

    Good luck to both you and Christine in the contest!

  5. How exciting!! I wish you the best :)

  6. I'd be glad to look at your pitch! dramadawn[at]embarqmail[dot]com

    Good luck!

  7. Thank you ladies! I sent it along in an email to you!

  8. I'll be entering ABNA as well. I actually haven't touched my manuscript since the last time. I've been focused on school and now Italy, but I also have to negative feedback to go off of in editing. I'm too scared of over-editing to do another revision without a specific reason. At least for now ;)

    Good luck! I wish you the best!