Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Creative Tuesday #4

Each week on Tuesday, I post a creative writing prompt and my response to it.  The best way to get better at writing is to practice.  It gives me a chance to write a little flash fiction and spend some time writing outside of my WIP. :)  You are welcome to do the same and post your response in the comments!

Creative Prompt #135
List 10 things you'll never do.

1.  Eat a spider - NO WAY!  Eww.
2.  Swim in a tank of piranhas
3.  Cheat on my husband (when I get married)
4.  Travel into space - I don't think the technology will allow me, though I'd love to.
5.  Be a race car driver
6.  Watch two horror movies in a row - I probably would never watch one.  Casper used to scare me.
7.  Own a bird... just nope.
8.  Starve myself to look thin
9.  Win a hula-hoop competition - I'm terrible at it!
10.  Be on "The Price is Right" - I'm not good at guessing.

What are some things that you'd never do?


  1. Harder to think of things I'll never do, as soon as I say never, it comes back to bite me. But I suppose I'll never live on the moon, date a baboon, jump from a huge roof or turn invisible and go poof..haha

    1. That's good that you'll never date a baboon. I wish I could turn invisible, it would be fun! :)

  2. Following you via the A-Z challenge. :D

    I'll never be the queen of any country. I'll never go on a little boat in the middle of the ocean (if there is any possible way to avoid it).

    P.S. I'm sitting here staring at your list of fave books--there are so many of those that I love. :D

    1. Welcome! :D

      I'll probably never be queen either, and definitely not little boat in the ocean. I'd get motion sick and it would not be fun.

      I'm glad that you like some of the same books! :)

  3. Ooo - Such a good list... let me see...

    1. Give up on my writing.
    2. Read Twilight again.
    3. Stop trying to lose weight.
    4. Turn my back on God.
    5. Cheat on my husband.
    6. Eat anything disgusting (like bugs... gross)!
    7. Win Survivor (I am too trusting and could not lie to save my life!)
    8. Let my family down (I mean like major let down)
    9. Stop loving life.
    10. Say never - hehe :)

    1. I totally agree with #2 and 4, and all of the others! You wrote a great list!