Friday, January 13, 2012

Love/Hate Technology

I am happy to say that my computer has been reformatted and all of my novels survived the take-over of evil that tried to destroy my laptop.  I was tempted several times to take a hammer to it.

All I really understand was that the optic drive on the CD-rom suddenly stopped functioning due to the driver and the driver refused to reinstall.  I had no back-up CDs because I forgot to make them, so I ended up make a system restore on a USB and spending way too much time reading and downloading unhelpful "patches" and updates.  Altogether I probably spent a good six to eight hours on fixing it.  Very very frustrating, especially for someone that has little understanding of technology and computers.

I did manage to back-up all of my files and music, but somehow iTunes stored my downloaded music/TV shows in a different location and I lost all the music that I've purchased since I got the computer eight months ago.  That's a lot of music.  I also lost the whole first season of "Merlin", an awesome BBC television show that I had downloaded from iTunes.  Very sad. :(  I sent an email to Apple and hopefully they will allow me to download them again.  I had just bought some music too and it vanished. :(

Another loss... I lost all of the bookmarked agents/publishing companies that I had been saving.  I can't get them back, but a fresh start there might a good thing.  And I lost my Sims 3 games that I had saved.  One of my families had just had a baby... darn.  At least I can reinstall that.  Also, I have to find my disc for Microsoft Office or writing will be difficult.

Gah, yeah... the last two days with my computer have been really painful. At least, I am grateful that all of my novels were saved and they were the updated versions, so my corrections that I've been doing for ABNA survived.  Yay!

I do have to say that the final score is; Technology - 1, Krista - 1.  (It gets a point for taking away my Merlin and I get a point for saving my novels.) 

Sorry for the complaining, but I had to just it off my chest before I dive back in to reinstalling things.  Hope you had a better day!

UPDATE:  So... I found it!  iTunes, under iTunes store - on the home page is "Quick links" and in that box is "Purchased" where you can see all the items that you've purchased from iTunes and what you purchased, but is not on your computer.  I am re-downloading all of my songs and I got my Merlin back!  That makes the score; Technology - 1, Krista - 2.  :D


  1. Oh no! This is why I have Carbonite. Yes it costs monthly, but it's so worth it to have your stuff backed-up instantly. Plus it's nice to access your files from any computer. Seriously worth it!

    1. I've never heard of that, I'll have to look it up! Thanks!

  2. ugh! what a bummer!
    thanks for reminding me to back up my stuff!

    glad you got most of it back!

  3. Computer issues are the worst!! Especially with a profession where we rely on them SO MUCH.

    Congrats on getting back everything that you did!

  4. I have given you an award on my blog. Stop by to claim it.