Saturday, January 21, 2012

Repeating Loop

Just when you think you've got something done... it doesn't work again.  My computer. 

I am trying to be calm about the whole thing... actually, I am surprisingly calm.  That could be partly that I am drugged up on cold medication, suffering the worst cold I've had in years.  I had been hoping to lounge and play the Sims 3 while watching a movie, but alas my disc drive is not functioning again.  It must be an update that my computer has because it worked two days ago and was reformatted nine days ago. 

Steve is mocking me...
Hopefully, I can figure that out soon.

In other news, I did get some good work done on my revisions the past few days, but I'm stuck on rewriting a kiss scene, that's one of the most romantic moments of the book.  It might have to wait until tomorrow, when I am hopefully less drugged.  I tried to put a box of cereal in the fridge earlier and I couldn't figure out why my car key wouldn't fit in the door key to my apartment.  Not firing on all thrusters today.  And Iowa has finally decided that it wants to be cold and wintery, with a few inches of snow.  Yuk.

Hope you are keeping healthy!


  1. That cold has been going around. I hope you feel better soon. I'm on meds for strep throat and my hubby and son are just getting over their colds. I don't mind the cold coming in as long as it kills off all the viruses!

    1. I hope you feel better too! This nasty virus stuff is not fun. I agree, if the cold kills off the viruses - then I'm fine with it! :)

  2. Oh, yuck. I hope you're feeling better soon. And I hope you figure out how to fix your computer!