Monday, January 30, 2012

Storms in Teacups: A Review

This book was self-published by one of my blogger friends - Christine Murray at her lovely blog, which you should check out! :) 

Title: Storms in Teacups 
Author: Christine Murray
Publisher: Mermaiden Media
Publication Date: December 21, 2011

Genre: Women's Fiction

Plot: First, here is the summary of "Storms in Teacups" from Amazon - ALEX is a journalist who has always dreamed of working for a glossy women’s magazine. Instead, she finds herself working for Dublin’s most notorious tabloid newspaper, rewriting press releases and covering for her colleague Jodie, a well-connected neurotic who still hasn’t figured out how to use an apostrophe.
ROSE thinks that she has life sorted. She loves her job as a teacher in a disadvantaged school, and has just moved in with her gorgeous actor boyfriend, Daniel. The only clouds on her horizon are a headmaster with a passion for new-age team-building and a stack of envelopes that she refuses to open but can’t quite bring herself to throw out.
SHANNON feels like she’s stagnating. When she graduated at the top of her class from drama college everyone thought it would be just a matter of time until she got her big break. Instead, she pays the bills with parts in small plays and some low rent television shows. Now she’s in her thirties, is it time she gives up on her dreams and get a proper job?
When a scandal shakes up the lives of all three women, will they manage to stay true to their dreams? Or will the betrayal of one man change their plans for good?

My first impressions of the book were the rich descriptions of the characters and their lives, almost a little too much at times, but it was very visual for the reader.  These three women have interesting lives and at the same time, are very down to Earth women that the reader can identify with.  They deal with problems that almost all women come into contact with - budding romance, difficult careers, betrayal, and love.  I admit that it was hard to get into the story at first and it confused me a little bit when the chapters switched to each different woman. I had a little bit of a problem keeping them straight in my mind.  It took about a fourth of the book for me to discover some conflict within their lives and it captured me.  

Romantic Element:  Rose and Daniel, Shannon and Ian, Alex and Carl - there is a lot of romance in this book!  And it's not all of that "perfect" romantic relationships for these women.  There's a lot of romantic drama!  It was almost too much for me at times and was a little confusing to remember which woman was with which guy, but it became very clear as the story progressed.  There were even a few surprises that had me going "Oh!  He didn't!" 

Overall: The book was very good and captivating.  I admit that Rose was my favorite character - an incredibly sweet school teacher working in a secondary school for disadvantaged youth, really made her a character that I enjoyed reading about.  Alex's story was a bit harder for me to get into, but Shannon was a delight.  Her partner was very funny!  There were a few technical errors that made it hard to read; some formatting of the dialogue that didn't line up and two typographical errors on the first page distracted me, but that didn't take away from the quality of the book.  I really enjoyed the book and I definitely recommend this book to others!

Hope you have a great Monday! :)

EDIT: (I would like to state that I was not paid for this review, she didn't even know I was going to do it.) 


  1. Sounds like a really good book!! Have a great Monday, too :)

  2. Women's contemprary drama. Sounds like a day in the life of some of my girlfriends lol!! Very good review. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Lol, I have some girlfriends with lives like this too! Thanks! :)

  3. i'm so glad you reviewed this! i know christine too. what a nice surprise for her!
    sounds like the title matches the drama inside it!

    1. Christine is awesome! She deserves a really nice review! :)