Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Is it getting HOT in here! Blog Hop

Happy Valentine's day!  Or if you prefer... Happy Single's Awareness Day!

I decided to join the "Is it Getting HOT in here?" Blog Hop, put on by Hope and Cassie Mae!  What a better way to celebrate Valentine's day than with a hot, steamy kiss scene?

I decided to choose a scene from my novel, "To Love Without Hope".  The scene takes place near the climax of the story (no pun intended); I'll give you a little background to understand it.  Jordan, Sophie, and Matt have been kidnapped and locked in a basement for two months.  Sophie and Matt were previously interested in each other before the kidnapping.  Jordan is another romantic interest for her.  This scene is where Jordan has fallen ill and their captor has decided to kill him.  Hope you like it!!

“I can’t do it,” I sobbed.  “I can’t let you go.”
“Sophie, you have to let me go… fighting him will only hurt you more.”
“Jordan, I can’t let you die!  I have to save you.”
He paused for a moment, looking into my eyes.  “You can’t keep this promise.  You’re just one person, trapped and unable to save yourself.  How can you save me?”
“I don’t know, but I’ll think of something…. I’ll kill Everett before he can get to you!”
“You can’t do that.  It would destroy you.”
“And you don’t think that your death won’t hurt me?  Jordan, I… I love you.  It’s not that romantic love, but I love you as if you were the brother that I never had.  I can’t give you up to a murderer to be killed.”
“Sophie, I love you too.  You remind me so much of my sister.  I don’t want to let you go either, but I can’t keep fighting.  I feel like we’ve already had part of this conversation today.”
I nodded once, remembering our conversation before Everett came downstairs and ruined everything.  But that didn’t make it any easier.  Jordan took a few uneasy breaths and I watched a drop of sweat slide down his nose and fall to the floor.  I put my hand below his chin and leaned in close, feeling his warm breathe tickle my lips.  He opened his mouth to protest, but I quickly put a finger on his mouth.
“Please,” I whispered.
We needed each other right now.  I dropped my hand to my side and moved until my face was inches from his.  Jordan’s eyes closed.  I did the same as I leaned in and my lip brushed his bottom lip as I kissed him.  Within seconds, his hands were behind my back and my hands were in his hair.  I could feel the heat of his fever through his touch, but I didn’t pull back.  Neither did Jordan.  Our lips parted as we tried to catch our breath.  We rested our foreheads together, opening our eyes slowly.
“Is this wrong?” Jordan whispered.
“But Matt…”
“He wouldn’t understand, but it’s okay…” I kissed him again, putting my hand on his cheek, ignoring the tears that fell from my eyes.  I had to give him this.
Jordan’s tears mixed with mine as we broke the kiss.  I didn’t think about what I had done.  It was my choice to kiss him and give him a part of my heart.  He pushed himself backwards as he began coughing, placing a hand on his ribs.  I comforted him until he was done and he rested back against the wall.  My heart was torn and breaking into pieces that I couldn’t put back together and I didn’t know how to mend them.  But at that moment, I didn’t care. 

Hope you liked it!  And have a great Valentine's day!


  1. I love kisses like these, filled with sadness, but still very passionate. Great work!

  2. Awesome - an emotional and beautiful kiss. Thanks for sharing.

    I'm #52 on the hop :-)

  3. Oh my cuteness! This was super adorable and had me almost crying with them.

  4. That was very touching and filled with emotion. Great scene.
    New follower, BTW.

  5. Holy emotion... phew! Serious. I felt it.

  6. Quite a powerful and sad scene. So much pain and love wrapped in the scene.

  7. What a sad kiss! Very powerful! And since I've read part of your book, I'm rooting for Matt, but it's good to know that Jordan at least gets a portion of happiness, I hope he doesn't die!

  8. Awww, so sad, so poignant! Beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.
    (I'm a new follower via the bloghop.)

  9. Oh so emotional, nicely done! I'm sensing a love triangle, awesome! Happy Valentine's day Krista :)

  10. Great twist with that brother-sister love. I agree with Hope, this scene is full of emotion, sorrow, and passion. Nice!

  11. oh my goodness - I think you just tore a bit of my heart off. Beautiful scene!

  12. These entries just keep getting better and better. Lots of rich emotion in your writing here. Most enjoyable. I'm glad I joined this hop so I could find and follow your blog! :)

  13. Such an emotional kiss. Nice one.

  14. That was quite sad and emotional, but I enjoyed reading it all the same.

  15. Aw! It's so sad! :( But well done!

  16. Wow, that's heartbreaking but I enjoyed it!

  17. I love the idea of this story and want to read more! It's a whole mix of emotions. Love it!

  18. I love the sound of the plot. Seems like an interesting story. Nice and emotional scene.

  19. Super sweet! I liked how your said their tears mixed together. It made the scene real in a movable way. Nice. Thanks for sharing.