Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J is for Jennifer

Jennifer is my middle name.


My great-grandma kept a portrait of Jennifer in the guest bedroom room that someone had painted for her from a photograph.  She was wearing a white jumper with little red flowers and her thin brown hair was parted into two piggy-tails resting on her shoulders.  Her blue eyes were dull.  The corners of her mouth were barely turned up and it was hard to make out a smile on her young face.  She was two-years old and her young little face was forever frozen in that moment.  The original photograph was taken a few weeks before she died.  Her mother was driving down a grave road and rolled the van.  Little Jennifer flew through the windshield and was killed instantly.

Jennifer was my mother's sister and she would have been my aunt.

I'm her namesake. :)

I will definitely keep her name in my family and someday I'd like to make her name, the middle name of one of my kids.  It's important.  And I'm glad that car seats have improved since the 70s and I'm grateful.

I'm the little short one, the coat I'm wearing belonged to Jennifer.  The older girl is my sister, Stephanie.  Don't judge me; I was a chubby child. :)


  1. Sorry to hear about your aunt, I remember when we were younger never wearing seat belts even with the improvements in car saftey its amazing to see people driving around today with seat belts on but their kids jumping around in the back seat. You look adorable by the way so full of fun in the picture! Stay blessed, Amanda

    Amanda - Realityarts-Creativity
    Art Blog

    1. Thank you, Amanda. It is scary to see little kids bouncing around and not wearing seat belts. They really could save their lives and that's worth it to me. And thanks. :)

  2. Sorry to hear about your aunt, but it's great that her name lives on in your family.

    You look ADORABLE in that picture. Simply adorable.

  3. I am really sorry to hear about your aunt .....But you look cute beyond limits....Great post :)

  4. What a sad story, but a lovely way to carry on her memory.

    You look so cute in that pic, btw :o)

  5. That's a cute pic---and you have lovely blog-header!!

    Hope you’re enjoying the challenge so far!
    --Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2012

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  6. How sweet to be able to be named after such a beautiful girl. :)

  7. very cute. Nice blog, glad I stopped by. All kids were chubby in a snowsuit. Enjoy A to Z - it's been fun seeing so much creativity.

  8. I think you are darling in that picture! What a sad story, but a great legacy to pass on.

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  10. wow, really??? I see them most days in the summer when I am running. I guess we have more here in Europe than you do in the States.

  11. Aww, very touching post, and what an honor to be named after her.

  12. What a very fitting "J" post. My son learned to get out of his seat when I was driving and I got stopped once and a ticket. After that, I think I used to tie him in with a rope or something, but he never got out again! I would rather the ticket, though, than something horrible happen like with your aunt.

    Now, he is driving me around and I promise you, I wear my seatbelt!

  13. How sad, but touching at the same time. And that photo of you is adorable! :)

    P.S. Found you through some A to Z hoppin'!

    J.C. Martin
    A to Z Blogger

  14. Love that pic of you and your sister! Jennifer is one of my favorite names. It was actually on my list of names for girls. Only had one girl, though, and gave her another name. At the time, of course, we didn't know we'd only HAVE one girl (and three boys)!

  15. Sad story about losing her. Breaks my heart. But wonderful to have you be her namesake and pass that name on to one of your children. You're right... that kind of thing is so important. You obviously have a very special name. :)

  16. How sad, but amazing that your mother kept her sister's namesake alive. Beautiful post and great picture :)

  17. Aww! I love that you carried on her name! So sweet!

    And you weren't chubby-- just fluffy-coated. :)

  18. Lovely tribute to Jennifer, a forgotten child. This is such a sad story, but I'm glad she's being remembered! The coat is beautiful.