Thursday, April 26, 2012

W is for Where and neWs!

Where do you hail from?  Where do you live?

I actually borrowed this idea from Peggy, over at her blog, Will Write for Cookies, which you should definitely check out! :)

Sometimes blogging can be a little lonely.  I don't "know" a lot of people that blog that I can actually see or go have coffee with.  I forget that most of you don't even live in the same state as I do.  You could be overseas for all I know!

As for me:  I live here, in the center of Iowa.

Well, I don't exactly live in a cornfield, but during the summer months most of Iowa looks like this.  Pretty. :)

That's probably closer to where I live since this picture was actually taken while I was reading in the tire swing behind my apartment.  I like reading out there and even doing a little writing. 

Where to you live?

You don't have to give your exact location and I promise not to stalk you. :)


In other news, I finished "Nameless" yesterday!  50,002 words and 28 chapters!  This is my fifth novel and it is COMPLETED! :)  I am very, very excited!  It's probably my favorite of the five that I've written.  I like the other ones, but I am very passionate about this one!  I also have plans for a sequel in mind.  (Considering the twist at the end and open ending - it's going to be just as good!)

I am going to leave it alone for two weeks or so and take a break to get some reading done, but I might be looking for some critique partners who would like to help me with the book.  I really think that this book can go places.  It's exciting - I laughed, cried (a lot in parts), was frightened, and loved the characters.  The story is unique, in my opinion.  Think about it for a few days - don't answer today.  I'll probably be looking in about two weeks, so sit tight. :) 

Wow, five novels.  Just wow.

So, where do you live??  And wow I am just totally excited!!


  1. I live in the Mount Washington Valley in New Hampshire. From my living room, you can see Mount Washington itself and a big corn field. It's not as big as anything found in Iowa but it's pretty good sized for the valley.

    Congratulations on finishing "Nameless"... that's fantastic!

  2. I live in Buckinghamshire, a county in England, UK. Its 10am here, the weather is mild but blustery. Its a nice change from the constant rain.

    Wow! 5 books, that is just incomprehensible to me right now. Congratulations.

  3. Hi
    I grew up in the suburbs of Philly, and now, I live in NYC. I've lived here for a long time, but we do go up to the Catskills a lot to escape the city. Congrats on you finishing Nameless!!!

  4. I live in southeastern Washington, but grew up in Southern California. However, I've BEEN to the middle of Iowa!
    New follower here from A to Z :)

  5. i am in the suburbs of central virginia--congrats!

  6. Congrats on finishing your book! That's always an exciting feeling. :)

  7. I live in Dubai too far away from you LOL
    And congrats on finishing up your book :)
    Keep it up

  8. I live in western New York.

    Congrats on finishing your book! :)

  9. Ooooh! Congratulations on finishing from Ann Arbor, Michigan! (though my heart remains in Oregon)

    I love that 'just finished my book' feel!

  10. Hello, Krista! Congratulations on finishing your fifth novel!! That's a big accomplishment. The finished-novel feeling is one of the best feelings ever. :) I hope you celebrate within the next two weeks before you start revising!

    Have a lovely week and happy A to Z!!

    1. PS) By the way, I LOVE your blog's title and banner. It's so clever!!

  11. Ah, finished...congrats! I live in Central New York, right plunk in the middle of the state...the halfway point between Buffalo and Albany on the NYS Thruway!

  12. I live in Dubai. You should come visit us sometime, it's very different from the States and you'll love it.

    I come from Baghdad- Iraq originally :)

  13. I live in Newfoundland,Canada. A little island (a piece of heaven) which is Canada's (and north america's) most eastern point! Out in the Atlantic ocean, and I love it here :)

  14. I'm in Minnesota - we could have coffee! :) When I lived in Mankato, I lived on a street that went: my apartment building, East High School, a cornfield. I now live in a small town with lots of fields.

    Congrats on your big accomplishment!