Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A little motivator...

I saw this on another blog today and I had to share it with you.  Nothing says motivation like delicious, yummy, gorgeous men telling you to write. :)

I saw this movie a few weeks ago and it was amazing!  I might have to go see it again just to drool over their loveliness...  Also, the plot was incredible! :)

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Interview with Rachel Morgan (Author of the Creepy Hollow Series – Guardian, Labyrinth, and Traitor)

Today is a very special post!  I am interviewing Rachel Morgan, in celebration of the release of her new book TRAITOR, the 3rd installation in the Creepy Hollow Series.  I’ve read all of her books and I love the characters and the world that she has created. 

So, welcome to Rachel!  How did you come up with the idea for the Creepy Hollow series?

Honestly? (This is embarrassing) I actually cannot remember where the very first spark of an idea came from! I think the thought process may have gone something like this (over several months):
1 – I want to try out epublishing.
2 – Perhaps I should epublish some SHORT stories. Those should be pretty easy to fit into my writing schedule in between writing whole novels* and it’ll be the perfect way to try out epublishing.
3 – Creepy Hollow. Whoa, where did that come from? What an awesome name! I wonder if anyone else has used it...
4 – A SERIES. A series of short-ish interlinked stories. That would be cool.
5 – The series will be called Creepy Hollow! And it will be about a group of faeries whose job it is to protect humans from all dangerous fae!

*Boy, was I wrong! Writing these stories has not been quick and easy, nor have they been slotted in between “whole novel” writing. They’ve taken up all my writing time since I began the first one!

Which character speaks the loudest, to you? Do any of them clamor to be heard over the others?

Well, it would definitely be Violet, since I’m in her head all the time, seeing everything through her eyes and hearing all her (occasionally freaked out) thoughts. After Violet, I think I’d say Ryn. I seem to know a lot more about his life story than some of the other characters, so he must speak pretty loudly to me!

If there was a Starbucks in Creepy Hollow, what sort of Starbuck’s coffee would your character, Violet order?

Confession time: I don’t drink coffee! So I don’t actually really know what kinds of coffees are out there! (That probably seems like an alien concept to most coffee drinkers...) So I Googled Starbucks and explored their menu. But after scouring all the coffees, I realized why none of them jumped out at me screaming, Take me to your Violet! Vi is a girl after my own heart: She is a HOT CHOCOLATE girl! And it must be dark hot chocolate, not white. Like the kind of dark that’s almost bitter it’s so dark.

Speaking of dark, what is your deepest, darkest secret?  Well… that is a little personal… Which do you like better chocolate or vanilla?

It depends what we’re talking about! If it’s ice cream, then chocolate. If it’s cake/cupcake, then vanilla. If it’s actual chocolate, then definitely chocolate-chocolate rather than white chocolate!

What is your favorite part of the Creepy Hollow series?

You haven’t read it yet ;-) Hehehe! My favorite parts are coming up in book 4 (and possibly book 5). I’ve been looking forward to writing this one for a long time. I’ve got parts of it down – now I just need to finish it in time for July!

What is the best writing advice that you’ve received?

BICHOK – Butt In Chair, Hands On Keyboard.
Seriously. Sometimes you just have to MAKE yourself do it!

Who is your favorite author and why?

Are you really going to make me pick ONE?! Okay, then I’m going to have to go with Cassandra Clare. Epic urban fantasy author! Not only does she write brilliantly well, she also tells the most captivating, imaginative, heart wrenching, just-plain-awesome stories, with three dimensional characters I become completely invested in and twists I never see coming!

And the most important question, would you date Nate?  (If you weren’t engaged, lol)

If I weren’t engaged, yes, I probably would :-)

Thank you Rachel!  Now you all get to read a little excerpt from the newest book in the series, TRAITOR!

The *** is where I removed a few words that would be “spoilery” for people who haven’t read the first two stories.
Setting the scene: Violet has just finished a training maneuver and is busy binding up her wounds when Ryn comes along...

“Didn’t your father teach you it’s rude to eavesdrop?”
I freeze for a second, then continue winding the bandage around my arm. “Didn’t your mother teach you it’s rude not to wear clothes in public?”
“What, you mean this?” Ryn points to his naked chest. “I’ll have you know there are at least ten females in this hall who find my lack of clothing highly attractive.”
“Well, fortunately for both of us, I’m not one of them.” I tuck the end of the bandage beneath the folds and stand. I don’t like Ryn towering over me. “What do you want?”
Ryn stares at me with the gaze of a melath serpent about to strike. “I want to know why you were listening in on my conversation earlier.” Dammit, how does he know that? “Could it possibly be because of that little rule-breaking secret of yours I’m still hanging onto? The suspense must be killing you.”
“The only thing killing me right now is the stench of your hypocrisy.”
“Hypocrisy? Why, because I was also Underground?” He laughs. “I hate to break it to you, Pixie Sticks, but hanging out Underground isn’t on quite the same level as blatantly disobeying one of the Guild’s major Laws. I’m pretty sure the Council will see it the same way.”
I step closer to him, making sure to invade his personal space. “You can tell whoever you want, Ryn. I’ll be the one laughing when you realize the joke’s on you.” I imagine Ryn’s embarrassment after going to the Council to report my ‘Law-breaking’, only to find out ***. It gives me a great sense of satisfaction.
Ryn leans forward, the same way he did when telling Aria to mind her own business. “Whatever game you’re playing, you’re going to lose,” he whispers. “And I’ll be right there to rub your nose in it when it happens.”
“Great. Well, at least I have something to look forward to.” I cross my arms. “Now why don’t you go parade your lack of dignity somewhere else?”

The Creepy Hollow Series

Author Links

Thank you for letting me host you Rachel and congratulations on your new book! 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Traitor (Creepy Hollow #3) - A Review

I wanted to share with you a review for one of my blogging friends' book, Rachel Morgan!  I devoured her first book and second book.  I HAD to read the next one in the series!  I will be interviewing Miss Rachel Morgan, right here on my blog, on Tuesday, so tune back in!

Title: Traitor (Creepy Hollow #3) 
Author: Rachel Morgan
Publisher: Kindle
Publication Date: May 23, 2012

Genre: Fantasy
Plot: First, here is the summary of "Traitor (Creepy Hollow #3)" from Amazon -Violet and Nate may have escaped the labyrinth, but only one of them came out unscathed. Nate is now the bearer of a mysterious eye-shaped tattoo, a mark he has no memory of receiving. While Vi is intent on discovering the meaning of the tattoo, Nate seems less interested. His experience in the labyrinth has caused recurring nightmares, and he’d prefer to pretend none of it ever happened. But Vi has never been one to let a mystery go unsolved, and she’ll do whatever she can to discover who’s behind the tattoo—even if it means leaving Nate out of her plan.

Another enthralling installation in the Creepy Hollow series!  I literally started the book and I couldn't put it down until I was finished.  I was left breathless and wanting more.  I don't know if I can wait until July for the next one!  I'll have to practice my patience. 

Romantic Element:  The relationship between Nate and Vi gets more and more complex in the next installment.  It's almost if there is a sense of distrust between them because of the mysterious tattoo and Vi wants it solved.  Nate doesn't.  There's tension between the two and Nate almost makes an interesting little slip of the tongue that had me laughing.

Overall:  The third book is darker than the others, but it progresses a little slower and the reader gets more of a glimpse into the Guild training, which I found very interesting.  The ending of the book will leave you shocked!  I kept trying to turn another page, but that was it.  A great cliff-hanger!  I can't wait to find out how Vi and Nate will survive this turn of events! 

Don't forget to tune in for the interview with Rachel Morgan on Tuesday and little sneak peak of "Traitor"!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Funnies

First, thanks to all of you that liked my book cover for "Nameless"!!  It's so encouraging to me!  I am starting revisions to the book and they are going well.  I just finished rewriting the first chapter since it had point-of-view problems.  It was mostly written in 3rd person omniscient and partly in 3rd person limited from the perspective of four characters.  Confusing.  I have now changed it so it is all in 3rd limited from Edom's point-of-view, since the rest of the story is his perspective.  I am very happy with how revisions are going!

In other news, Rachel Morgan's 3rd book in her Creepy Hollows series, TRAITOR, is now available on Amazon.  I'm very excited to read it!  If you haven't, you should really check out her series!  I highly recommend it. :)

Her cover is amazing!! I will be hosting Rachel on my blog next week, so be sure to tune in next week on Tuesday!

I probably won't be posting this weekend because it is Memorial Day weekend (though I work Saturday and Sunday), the aquatic center opens and I'm ready to go swimming!  It's my favorite summer activity.  What can I say... I love water! :)

 Here's a little something to watch if you don't have any plans for the weekend:  (I love all of their musicals!)

HOLY MUSICAL B@MAN!! by Starkid - it is hilarious!

Have a great weekend! :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cover Reveal of NAMELESS!

Even my little sister, Aly, is excited!
It's the day that you have been waiting for.  I am finally revealing my cover, designed by Rachel Frederiksen, for my novel, "Nameless".  We are both extremely happy with how the cover turned out.  I am in love with it!  If one can be in love with a book cover, I am definitely in love with it and it is probably in love with me.  Or something like that... Enough chatter. 

Here is my cover:

What do you think?  Do you love it too? :D

Friday, May 18, 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award!

A very special and appreciated thanks to L.G. Keltner for awarding me the Kreativ Blogger Award!  I am honored that you'd give this to me!  You should all check out her blog!

The Rules:  I have to answer ten questions and share ten random facts about myself.

1. What is our favorite song?   That would have to be “Wherever You Will Go” by The Calling – it’s an oldie, but it was the first song that I ever recorded from the radio.  I just love it. :)
2. What is your favorite dessert?   Pumpkin pie!!  I look forward to Christmas and Thanksgiving because that is the only time of year that we have pumpkin pie.  My dad makes it special with ice cream and calls it “pumpkin ice cream dessert”.  It is heavenly.
3. What ticks you off?   People that are inconsiderate or impatient, slow drivers that don’t know how to drive, people that expect you to be perfect Stepford children, people that are judgmental when they don’t know me…. I’ll stop myself.
4.  When you're upset, what do you do?   Ooo… confession time; when I’m really sad I like to give myself a reason for crying so I watch “A Little Princess”, the scene where Sara’s father doesn’t recognize her and she’s screaming “Papa, please!”.  It always makes me cry.  Or I just listen to sad songs. 
5.  What is your favorite pet?   Cat.  I do have a sincere love for beagles, but I am definitely a cat person.  They are so funny!
6.  Which do you prefer, black or white?   Blue. :)
7.  What is your biggest fear?   That’s a difficult one.  I’m not sure if it would be never getting married, being put in a room of spiders, or never being able to write.
8.  What is your attitude?   Normally I’m a pretty positive and funny person. :)
9.  What is perfection?   Something that the Borg from Star Trek want.  I’m fine without it.
10.  What is your guilty pleasure?   That would have to be “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” on ABC Family.  The plot is so stupid, but I keep watching.

Ten Random Facts about Me
1.  I’m addicted to “The Lord of the Rings”.  I love all of them and I have the extended editions and the trivial pursuit board game.  I’m pretty hard to beat. ;)
2.  I also love NCIS.  (The season cliffhanger about killed me!  Gah, so awesome and scary!)
3.  I used to cheat in P.E.  I would run the mile by myself because I didn’t like running with the class and I’d only ever run 3 laps of the track instead of four.  Bad Krista.
4.  I love Star Trek.  I actually have a stuffed beagle named Porthos.  (Bonus points if you understand!)
5.  Once, I dated identical twins.  Yes, identical.  Just not at the same time.  One for a week and the other for eight months.  Weird, yes.
6.  I ran away from home when I was two-years-old because my mother wouldn’t take me to the store with her.  I made it to edge of the trailer court we were living in.  My mom found me sitting under a tree in a diaper, playing with a kitten.
7.  I broke my wrist roller-skating on black ice when I was five.  My sister told my mom that I’d get in trouble if we told her.  So… we told her that we were doing side-walk chalk and I hid my broken arm for two days.  She didn’t find out until 15 years later that we were roller-skating.  Best kept secret.
8.  I still write letters by hand to two of my friends while they are at college during the school year.  I love hand-written letters.
9.  Sometimes I create families in the Sims 3 and make them cheat on each other. They can’t always be happy? Bad, bad Krista.
10. Things I wanted to be as a kid – astronaut, Captain of a spaceship, teacher, and writer.  I’m just a writer. :)  I get motion sick in the car; I could never be an astronaut.  Though if we ever develop warp drive, I’m definitely going into space.

Hope you liked my random things!  Now I am going to give the award to 7 fellow bloggers!
 1. notes4neta at Rabbit Trails
 2. Katie at The Fiction Diaries
 3. Jaycee DeLorenzo
 4. Dana at The Daily Dose
 5. Christine Rains
 6. Rachel Morgan
 7. J.A. Bennett

Congrats to all of you!

Don't forget to tun back in on SUNDAY for my book cover reveal of "Nameless"!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Critique Partners for "Nameless"

Today is the day that you've been waiting for.  I am officially looking for 2 to 3 (possibly 4) critique partners to read through "Nameless" with me.  The goal is to critique a chapter or two a week, starting as soon as possible.  The chapters are not incredibly long - most are under 2,000 words.  There are 27 chapters, because I caught a typo yesterday where my book went from chapter 4 to chapter 6.  Oops.

I plan on revealing the cover for "Nameless" on Sunday - so be excited!  It's perfect.  My designer, Rachel, and I spent several hours on it on Monday.  I'm very happy with how it turned out.  I'll talk a little more about it then.

I have decided to put "To Love Without Hope" on the editing shelf for now.  I'm very, very excited about "Nameless" and I can't wait for you all to read it someday.  Rachel just finished it and she really enjoyed the book.

Here's a little teaser to interest you:

       “Liora,” Edom began.
       “Do not patronize me!” she yelled.  “What are you doing?  You cannot travel straight into the capital to save them!  You will die.  It’s a fool’s errand to think that they are not already dead.”
        “I gave my word that I would try to save them.  Please, go and help Aaron gather food for the journey.”
         “Edom, I won’t let you do this!”
         Edom turned around and grabbed his sister’s wrist, not tight enough to harm her, but enough to get her attention.  Liora struggled for a moment, refusing to look at her brother.  He gently put a hand on her cheek, releasing her wrist and forcing her to look at him. 
        “They are innocent children, just like us.  The boy said that most of them are small; too small to escape on their own.  I can’t stay here, knowing that they are being tortured and killed while I dance around a fire and eat good food with my family.  They don’t have that luxury, Liora.  We owe them.”

Nameless is young adult, fantasy.  There are approximately 50,000 words and more will be added with revisions.  I'm looking for someone(s) to read each chapter, looking for typos and inconsistencies in sentences/storyline. 

So.... if you are interested in being a beta reader/critique partner - please leave your email in the comments or shoot me an email at kristam(at)iastate(dot)edu - but please leave a comment so I know who is interested! :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

First Loves & Important news!

Hi, yes I'm not dead.  I had a crazy week last week, involving two hours in the ER, missing two days of work, a minor car accident that was not related to the ER, and just general crap.  But I am alive, still in pain, but doing better.  So, I decided to do Alex Cavanugh's First Loves Blogfest.

First Movie:  The Little Mermaid

I wanted to BE a mermaid for the longest time after seeing this movie.  I just love it!  I would walk around the house and sing Ariel songs.  I've had so many Little Mermaid shirts over the years, it is ridiculous.  Ironically,  my brother's name is Eric.  Hmmmm... so, when I used to pretend that I was a mermaid, my prince wasn't named Eric because that it awkward.

First Song:  Wherever You Will Go

This was the first song that I fell in love with on the radio.  I remember hearing it in my bedroom, so I spent an hour one night, lying on the floor in my overalls recording the radio onto a tape.  I would record some and if the song didn't come on, I would rewind and record over it again.  I finally got the song on tape.  I listened to that tape so many times that I wore it out.  (Not that it is hard to wear out a cassette tape that you've recorded over dozens of times.)

First Book:  The BFG

My second grade teacher read this book to my class and I loved it.  I figured out what "BFG" meant before he even said it.  It is definitely one of the most read books on my bookshelf.  It's actually falling apart a little.

First Person:  Hank

He was my first kiss.  He cornered me in second grade and we "made-out" behind the trash can.  One of the girls in my class saw us and got the teacher.  We were taken to the guidance counselor's office and our parents were called.  Hank and I were both given stern warnings.  (He apparently kissed all the girls in my grade.)  Hank got expelled.  That was pretty harsh and a little too drastic for an innocent kiss.  I guess they wanted to stomp on it like a bug??

Thanks for visiting!


My designer, Rachel, and I have finished designing the book cover for "Nameless".  COMING SOON!! :)

Have a great rest of the day!

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Lucky One: A Review

Title: The Lucky One
Author: Nicholas Sparks
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication Date: 2008

Genre: Fiction - Romance
Plot: First, here is the summary of "The Lucky One" from Amazon - After U.S. Marine Logan Thibault finds a photograph of a smiling young woman buried in the dirt during his tour of duty in Iraq, he experiences a sudden streak of luck -- winning poker games and even surviving deadly combat. Only his best friend, Victor, seems to have an explanation for his good fortune: the photograph -- his lucky charm. Back home in Colorado, Thibault can't seem to get the woman in the photograph out of his mind and he sets out on a journey across the country to find her. But Thibault is caught off guard by the strong attraction he feels for the woman he encounters in North Carolina - Elizabeth, a divorced mother -- and he keeps the story of the photo, and his luck, a secret. As he and Elizabeth embark upon a passionate love affair, his secret soon threatens to tear them apart -- destroying not only their love, but also their lives. Filled with tender romance and terrific suspense, THE LUCKY ONE is an unforgettable story about the surprising paths our lives often take and the power of fate to guide us to true and everlasting love.

Nicholas Sparks' wrote a beautiful love story!  It was complicated at times and there were many twists in the plot, but it was really a story about fate and love and how intertwined we are.  I've read two of his other books (Dear John, The Last Song) and this one is his first written in third person omniscient, which was a bit difficult to read at times and sometimes it felt like an information dump, but it was a good story.  It took me a little bit to get into the book because there was no dialogue for a long time.  It was just back-story, but I did enjoy the book.
Romantic Element:  I really enjoyed the relationship between Logan and Beth, so pure and Logan is a complete gentleman and romantic.  Definitely what most women are looking for in a man.  It made it easy for me to pretend that Logan was real and I was Beth.  I liked that.  And though Sparks' does mention sex in his books, he does not good into details and I really appreciate that.  

Overall: I did really enjoy the book once I finally got into it.  It was a little predictable and slow in places, but it is possible to move past that point.  What I really like about Nicholas Sparks is that he doesn't throw everything into only the love story.  There's pain and action and in this book, a suspicious and controlling ex-husband, complete with little boy throws the story into a new realm.  Did I mention that he's part of the police force?  There's also the point of a view of a marine in war that is frightening and heart-breaking at the same time.  Nicholas Sparks doesn't just write a love story, he writes the history of two characters that have completely different lives and are thrown together by a photograph, discovered in a war zone that provides luck to a stranger.  Brilliant!  I definitely recommend this book!

Movie Review    *could contain a little spoiler*

Now, I went to see this movie alone and I'd only seen one movie by myself before this.  I went to the 3rd Lord of the Rings for a second time, by myself.  Great movie, but back to the review.  I'm the kind of person that likes to make little comments to a friend during a movie, unless I've really been anticipating it.  It was really nice to sit alone.  The theater was packed and I gave up my seat (and the empty seat next to me) to two girls that were trying to share one seat.  That was my good deed for the day. :)

The movie followed very closely with the book and I was actually surprised that Zac Efron did a nice job playing Logan.  I expected Logan to be a little older since he is 28 in the book, but it was still good.  Zeus, the dog, was one of my favorite characters. :)  I love dogs anyway.  The only thing that I didn't like was the minor changes to the ending.  Hollywood really shouldn't change the ending to movies.  Zeus was supposed to be the savior, but he wasn't.  Oh well.  I can understand that they wanted to give one of the characters a redeeming quality, but it irked me a little.  If you read the book first and see it you'll understand.  They also did add a part with Logan meeting Beth's brother, but that is not accurate with the book.

I do recommend the movie if you like a good love story. :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The "Screaming Moment"

It's an element of a good story, but probably not one that you've seen in a class.  I decided to call it the "screaming moment".  It's the point in the story, usually the climax, where the protagonist is screaming and no one is listening or everything suddenly becomes clear.  It happens in the great stories.

Of course, "The Lord of the Rings" - where Denethor is about to burn his son alive, thinking that hope is lost.  Faramir is still alive and Pippin doesn't want him to be killed!  It gives me goose bumps.

Another example would be "A Little Princess" - she sees her father, but he was injured and has no memory of her.  This scene is my favorite in the movie, though it always makes me cry.  I watched it with my little sister, Aly, who was six at the time and she crawled into my lap, crying because the daddy doesn't know his daughter.

In addition to that, there's the scene in "Hook" with Robin Williams where he has finally figured out who he is and fighting for his children, but Rufio is killed, the boy that was like him but younger.  I love how he screams no and Rufio's last words to him.

Those are just three examples.

I wrote a scene in "Nameless" where two of the characters are screaming and calling out for each other as one is taken to their death.  No one is listening to their screams and the heart of the character is broken.  It's a very strong and emotional scene.  The voice in the scene is strong, not only the physical voice but the "voice" of the character is deep within the scene.

That's a powerful scene.  It doesn't have to be a scream, but it has to be there. :)    Can you think of others?

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Life and Other things

1) First, life is... I am terrible at decision making and I just... I just can't do it!  I've finally got a few options for my life, other than serving coffee, which I cannot keep doing, but I don't know what to do or pick.  I want to pick more than one and at the same time, I want to pick one that isn't on the list.  Oo, I should put them into a list!  Sorry, I really suck at this decision making.  I'm not even organized enough to decide!  Gah.  I've thought about talking to a friend, but I can't even organize my thoughts in my mind to say them.  I tried explaining to my older sister, but she said that it was my choice.  My life.

My life.  Those are two big words that are hard to comprehend.  I'm 23 and I've got my life in front of me.  I've known what I wanted since I was a little girl, playing with my Barbies.  But that hasn't happened.  I've got other choices, but the one I desire the most is hard to obtain.  It isn't being published, but that will come.  I'm sure of it.  I will keep working for it.  It's the other dream... that needs two people and some love.  Yep.

So, I feel like I need a vacation from life to go figure out my life.  Maybe.  I have to figure something out!  Being a coffee barista pays the bills, but barely.  And... I have bigger dreams for my life. This isn't what I wanted for my life. 

Seriously, I need a vacation.

2) I was tagged in the Lucky 7 meme again, during the A-Z Blogging Challenge by Dan over at Dangerous Dan's Blog - he posts amazing pictures and writes!  You should check it out!  Now that I have over 77 pages, I wanted to post what is actually on page 77 since I used page 7 before. 

Here are the rules:

1. Go to page 77 of your current ms.
2. Go to line 7.
3. Copy down the next 7 lines/sentences, and post them as they're written. No cheating.
4. Tag 7 other victims, er, authors.

So, without further chatter... page 77 of "Nameless"!!


           “I know.  I’d never ask for forgiveness.”
           That ended the conversation and in the morning, Achieus gagged him again.  Edom had gained an understanding of the man, but he would never trust him or empathize with him. 
           Again, Dalia refused to eat unless the healers were fed.  The Guard couldn’t refuse her any longer and shared their stale but wonderful tasting bread with the healers.  They even shared their carrots and apples.  It was the best meal they’d had in days.  It was probably one of their last meals.  The princess asked to walk with the healers, but that request was denied.  


If you haven't done this one, you definitely should!  It's fun!  I'm cheating because I'm not tagging 7 people, but please go ahead if you haven't done this!

3)   I don't have a three, but it sounded good at the moment.  Ah yes, I found this while searching for memes because life... (see above #1). 

Yes, awesome. :)

Well, this was ridiculously long for a blog post.  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"The Secret" Summary

I planned on sharing a little bit of my novel, "The Secret" during the A-Z Blogging Challenge, but I chose something else for the letter S that I think is more important.  I'm sitting on my hands, trying to find things to do since I promised to wait another week to touch my new book "Nameless" for revisions.  I decided to write a rough little blurb for my blog.  If you click on the "Novels" tab above, you can find information about all of my books and this one didn't have anything except that it was finished on July 31st, 2011.  I wrote a little mini book summary for you.  So, here it is:


Never fall in love with a woman who sells herself; it only ends badly.

A modern day fairytale, complete with evil stepmother and half-siblings, is not what nineteen-year-old Lydia wants.  Unlike in those fairytales Lydia doesn’t have a fairy godmother, just a boss named Lester that controls her by telling her that she is only worth what a man will pay.  She only wants her father to love her, but she can’t love herself.  Lydia dances and sells her body for money, but keeps it a secret from everyone.  When she falls for a boy named Zach, that has a secret of his own, she discovers that love can’t have secrets, but she’s afraid.  Zach deserves to know the truth and she desires to be free.  But before Lydia can be free of her lifestyle, a client takes it too far and could take her life.  But there’s more than one secret that can’t be hidden.  It will change everything, for better or worse. 

“The Secret” is a story about finding strength in yourself, discovering faith in God, and that secrets can only harm those that you love.  


What do you think?  :)  I wouldn't use it as a pitch for agents, but it is a start.

I also wanted to share with you a picture of the quilt I'm working on.  I finished the front today!  All that is left is to put on a back. :)

Hope you are having a great hump day!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Goals

Blogging A-Z is done!  Yay! :)  That was a lot of blogging for one month and I'm glad that it is over.  Probably won't be as much blogging this month.  I could use a break. :)

Here were my goals from April:
* Write to 30,000 words on my WIP "Nameless"
DONE!  I finished my novel, "Nameless".  My total word count for the book ended up at 50,002 words.  I am hoping to add around 5,000 or 10,000 more words during my revisions.  I promised myself that I would wait two weeks before I touch it again, which is harder than I thought.  I LOVE this book and I can't wait to edit!  Honestly, that never happens. :)  I wrote 26,865 words last month!

* Finish reading "The Lucky One" by Nicholas Sparks
Finished!  I went to see the movie and I'll be posted a book review/movie review soon. :)

* Complete all 26 letters of the A-Z Challenge
DONE!  Whew!  Not sure if I would do it again next year, but it was a good experience and I made a lot of new friends!  I'm getting closer to 200 followers and I'm already planning a great give-away for the milestone. :)

Goals for May:
*  Write out a plan for revisions of "Nameless" - finish waiting two weeks to begin revisions

*  Read "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years" by Donald Miller
I don't normally read non-fiction, but a friend of mine really wants me to read this book.

*  Find 2-3 critique partners for "Nameless" revisions (Coming soon!)
Things aren't really going anywhere with the other book right now and I really want to put my time into this one.  :)

* Write a rough outline for Book 2 (Name to be revealed at a later date)

How did your goals go last month?  If you finished blogging A to Z - congratulations!  We all deserve a break! :)