Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Critique Partners for "Nameless"

Today is the day that you've been waiting for.  I am officially looking for 2 to 3 (possibly 4) critique partners to read through "Nameless" with me.  The goal is to critique a chapter or two a week, starting as soon as possible.  The chapters are not incredibly long - most are under 2,000 words.  There are 27 chapters, because I caught a typo yesterday where my book went from chapter 4 to chapter 6.  Oops.

I plan on revealing the cover for "Nameless" on Sunday - so be excited!  It's perfect.  My designer, Rachel, and I spent several hours on it on Monday.  I'm very happy with how it turned out.  I'll talk a little more about it then.

I have decided to put "To Love Without Hope" on the editing shelf for now.  I'm very, very excited about "Nameless" and I can't wait for you all to read it someday.  Rachel just finished it and she really enjoyed the book.

Here's a little teaser to interest you:

       “Liora,” Edom began.
       “Do not patronize me!” she yelled.  “What are you doing?  You cannot travel straight into the capital to save them!  You will die.  It’s a fool’s errand to think that they are not already dead.”
        “I gave my word that I would try to save them.  Please, go and help Aaron gather food for the journey.”
         “Edom, I won’t let you do this!”
         Edom turned around and grabbed his sister’s wrist, not tight enough to harm her, but enough to get her attention.  Liora struggled for a moment, refusing to look at her brother.  He gently put a hand on her cheek, releasing her wrist and forcing her to look at him. 
        “They are innocent children, just like us.  The boy said that most of them are small; too small to escape on their own.  I can’t stay here, knowing that they are being tortured and killed while I dance around a fire and eat good food with my family.  They don’t have that luxury, Liora.  We owe them.”

Nameless is young adult, fantasy.  There are approximately 50,000 words and more will be added with revisions.  I'm looking for someone(s) to read each chapter, looking for typos and inconsistencies in sentences/storyline. 

So.... if you are interested in being a beta reader/critique partner - please leave your email in the comments or shoot me an email at kristam(at)iastate(dot)edu - but please leave a comment so I know who is interested! :)


  1. sounds like a grabber. I am busy right now with my own edits, but I know you will find some partners.

  2. I can probably handle a chapter or 2 a week:) Congrats on making it this far! Hopefully I'll be able to post something like this about Disinherited a little later this summer!


    1. Thank you so much Katie! I sent you an email! :)

  3. Enjoyed the excerpt! Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. I too would be interested in becoming a critique partner. It's exciting that you've gotten so far and you piqued my interest with the small blurb. What type of critique are you looking for? Content and enjoyment factor or more of a detailed edit?

  5. Stopping by to let you know that I love your blog and I'm passing on a blogging award to you. Visit to claim it. Have a good day!

    1. Thank you for the award! :) That was so sweet of you!

  6. Hey, we're having a cp mixer today over @ if you wanna see if there's someone over there who's on the lookout too :D