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Interview with Rachel Morgan (Author of the Creepy Hollow Series – Guardian, Labyrinth, and Traitor)

Today is a very special post!  I am interviewing Rachel Morgan, in celebration of the release of her new book TRAITOR, the 3rd installation in the Creepy Hollow Series.  I’ve read all of her books and I love the characters and the world that she has created. 

So, welcome to Rachel!  How did you come up with the idea for the Creepy Hollow series?

Honestly? (This is embarrassing) I actually cannot remember where the very first spark of an idea came from! I think the thought process may have gone something like this (over several months):
1 – I want to try out epublishing.
2 – Perhaps I should epublish some SHORT stories. Those should be pretty easy to fit into my writing schedule in between writing whole novels* and it’ll be the perfect way to try out epublishing.
3 – Creepy Hollow. Whoa, where did that come from? What an awesome name! I wonder if anyone else has used it...
4 – A SERIES. A series of short-ish interlinked stories. That would be cool.
5 – The series will be called Creepy Hollow! And it will be about a group of faeries whose job it is to protect humans from all dangerous fae!

*Boy, was I wrong! Writing these stories has not been quick and easy, nor have they been slotted in between “whole novel” writing. They’ve taken up all my writing time since I began the first one!

Which character speaks the loudest, to you? Do any of them clamor to be heard over the others?

Well, it would definitely be Violet, since I’m in her head all the time, seeing everything through her eyes and hearing all her (occasionally freaked out) thoughts. After Violet, I think I’d say Ryn. I seem to know a lot more about his life story than some of the other characters, so he must speak pretty loudly to me!

If there was a Starbucks in Creepy Hollow, what sort of Starbuck’s coffee would your character, Violet order?

Confession time: I don’t drink coffee! So I don’t actually really know what kinds of coffees are out there! (That probably seems like an alien concept to most coffee drinkers...) So I Googled Starbucks and explored their menu. But after scouring all the coffees, I realized why none of them jumped out at me screaming, Take me to your Violet! Vi is a girl after my own heart: She is a HOT CHOCOLATE girl! And it must be dark hot chocolate, not white. Like the kind of dark that’s almost bitter it’s so dark.

Speaking of dark, what is your deepest, darkest secret?  Well… that is a little personal… Which do you like better chocolate or vanilla?

It depends what we’re talking about! If it’s ice cream, then chocolate. If it’s cake/cupcake, then vanilla. If it’s actual chocolate, then definitely chocolate-chocolate rather than white chocolate!

What is your favorite part of the Creepy Hollow series?

You haven’t read it yet ;-) Hehehe! My favorite parts are coming up in book 4 (and possibly book 5). I’ve been looking forward to writing this one for a long time. I’ve got parts of it down – now I just need to finish it in time for July!

What is the best writing advice that you’ve received?

BICHOK – Butt In Chair, Hands On Keyboard.
Seriously. Sometimes you just have to MAKE yourself do it!

Who is your favorite author and why?

Are you really going to make me pick ONE?! Okay, then I’m going to have to go with Cassandra Clare. Epic urban fantasy author! Not only does she write brilliantly well, she also tells the most captivating, imaginative, heart wrenching, just-plain-awesome stories, with three dimensional characters I become completely invested in and twists I never see coming!

And the most important question, would you date Nate?  (If you weren’t engaged, lol)

If I weren’t engaged, yes, I probably would :-)

Thank you Rachel!  Now you all get to read a little excerpt from the newest book in the series, TRAITOR!

The *** is where I removed a few words that would be “spoilery” for people who haven’t read the first two stories.
Setting the scene: Violet has just finished a training maneuver and is busy binding up her wounds when Ryn comes along...

“Didn’t your father teach you it’s rude to eavesdrop?”
I freeze for a second, then continue winding the bandage around my arm. “Didn’t your mother teach you it’s rude not to wear clothes in public?”
“What, you mean this?” Ryn points to his naked chest. “I’ll have you know there are at least ten females in this hall who find my lack of clothing highly attractive.”
“Well, fortunately for both of us, I’m not one of them.” I tuck the end of the bandage beneath the folds and stand. I don’t like Ryn towering over me. “What do you want?”
Ryn stares at me with the gaze of a melath serpent about to strike. “I want to know why you were listening in on my conversation earlier.” Dammit, how does he know that? “Could it possibly be because of that little rule-breaking secret of yours I’m still hanging onto? The suspense must be killing you.”
“The only thing killing me right now is the stench of your hypocrisy.”
“Hypocrisy? Why, because I was also Underground?” He laughs. “I hate to break it to you, Pixie Sticks, but hanging out Underground isn’t on quite the same level as blatantly disobeying one of the Guild’s major Laws. I’m pretty sure the Council will see it the same way.”
I step closer to him, making sure to invade his personal space. “You can tell whoever you want, Ryn. I’ll be the one laughing when you realize the joke’s on you.” I imagine Ryn’s embarrassment after going to the Council to report my ‘Law-breaking’, only to find out ***. It gives me a great sense of satisfaction.
Ryn leans forward, the same way he did when telling Aria to mind her own business. “Whatever game you’re playing, you’re going to lose,” he whispers. “And I’ll be right there to rub your nose in it when it happens.”
“Great. Well, at least I have something to look forward to.” I cross my arms. “Now why don’t you go parade your lack of dignity somewhere else?”

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Thank you for letting me host you Rachel and congratulations on your new book! 


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  4. Great excerpt. You can smell the tension between the characters.

    Good luck with the rest of the books! I like the fact that it all came out of wanting to epublish. It's not all bad!

    1. Thanks! Yup, I think it may have all originated from that very first tiny "I want to try epublishing" thought :-)

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