Friday, June 1, 2012

June Goals

Whew, another month is over!  It does not feel like June, but June has finally arrived.  Time for s'mores, swimming, unbearably hot weather, and more revising!  First revisions of "Nameless" are going well.  I am currently tackling the word "that".  I used it 781 times.  It was definitely overused.  So far I have managed to get it down to 629 "that"s, but it is still quite too many.  My first priority is to lessen the number to at least under 200. 

Here were my goals from May:
*  Write out a plan for revisions of "Nameless" - This is going very well! :) 
*  Read "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years" by Donald Miller
I haven't gotten around to finishing this one yet.
*  Find 2-3 critique partners for "Nameless" revisions
I found 3 wonderful critique partners who have been very helpful!  I am excited to keep working with them!
* Write a rough outline for Book 2 
I am still working on this one, but I think that I will save writing this book until November for NaNoWriMo, so I have more time to focus on revising "Nameless". 

I only finished 2 of 4 goals, but that's not bad.  At least I completed something. :)

Goals for June:

*  Continue revisions of "Nameless"
Lessen the word "that" to under 200 times, continue rough edit with suggestions from critique partners

*  Read "Quitter" by Jon Acuff
I am almost finished with his book and it is very convicting, I love it so far!  I will definitely be doing a review of it once I am finished.  Wow, it is just incredible.

Have a successful interview on June 4th
I would appreciate your prayers and well-wishes for this.  I hopefully will receive a job, but my fingers are crossed.

What are your goals for June?  How did you do with your goals for May?


  1. Any time revisions are going well, it should be counted as a major win. Forward progress is always good.

    Best of luck at your interview!

  2. Those are great goals! I'm gong to sit down and write out my June goals this weekend. I've been so busy this week getting things ready for the Relay for Life tomorrow. Good luck with your June goals, Krista!!

  3. Good luck on your interview! I've decided to save my new ideas for November as well. There's nothing like a challenge to get my motor running :)

  4. I hope the interview goes well. Things like that always fluster me, but I'm sure you'll do well. My goal for June is to get the rough draft for my WIP done. My word count suggests this should be possible, though I don't even have a working title for it yet. Titles always give me a hard time.

  5. I'm doing a big rewrite this month. Don't know if I'll be able to finish it by the end of June, but I'm going to try!

    Good luck with your goals, and especially with that interview. :) My prayers and well-wishes will indeed be heading your way.

  6. Good luck with your interview. :)

    This month I'm hoping to start on an idea that's been hanging around in my head for weeks. We'll see what happens.

  7. i got through may pretty well after all--haven't thought about june too much---happy june to ya!

  8. Good for you! Sounds like you are methodically working through your list. I just signed on for Camp Nano June. That's hopefully 5 or 6 pages of story a day. Ack!

  9. Will certainly keep your in prayer as you go forth and get a job :-)

    May was a difficult month for my goals as well. But adjusting is done and I'm ready to attack June with more vigor and less panic. Honestly, if I just finish my first draft of NEVERLOVE, I'll be stoked.

  10. I love posting goals on my blog. Well, done for getting two of your four done.
    I'll keep you in my prayers for the job interview. :D

  11. Fingers crossed for your job interview! And good luck with your monthly goals. :)