Saturday, June 23, 2012

To see the end?

Earlier this week, my entire city lost power at 3 pm in the afternoon.  Yikes.  I was sitting with two of my friends at "Snow White and the Huntsman", we were an hour and a half in.  Then the screen goes pitch black and the emergency lights come on.  We waited twenty minutes for someone to come tell us that the whole city had no power. 

After thirty minutes, we were all given rain-checks to see any movie we want.  For free.

But... I just want to see the ending of the movie.  I don't want to see Kristen Stewart's bad acting again.  I admit that I mostly went to see the movie because of this:

Chris Hemsworth *sigh*

Yummy. :D

Now, I have to decide if I want to see the ending.  (Please don't tell me if you've seen it.) 

It made me think.  If I had read the last two pages of a book would I be interested in reading the whole book or not?  I don't know.  I don't like to know how something ends before I begin.  But I do like to know the ending.  My friend's mother always reads the last page first to see if she will like a book.  Strange.

Do you read the last page of a book before the beginning?  Should I see the end of "Snow White and the Huntsman" or should I see "The Avengers" again for free?  More hot guys and less terrible acting from Kristen Stewart.  


Side note, I am two followers away from 200!  (squeal)  You guys are awesome!


  1. That same power outage got my husband sent home early from work. It worked out well for him, but having to leave the movie without seeing the ending had to be frustrating. I haven't seen the movie, so I don't know if it would be worth it to sit through it again. Kristen Stewart's acting (or lack thereof) would certainly leave me with second thoughts as well.

    When I read, I never read the ending first. There are times during the story when I may feel tempted to peek ahead, but I usually just buckle down and read through the whole thing when that happens. The temptation usually means the book is pretty good and is clearly worth reading in its entirety.

  2. 'My friend's mother always reads the last page first to see if she will like a book. Strange.'

    My aunt always does this too. I think it's crazy, personally.

    That sounds so frustrating!Even when I'm not enjoying something I like to see the whole thing. I vote for The Avengers, by the way :)

  3. I'll cast my vote for "see the end". :D

    When I was a kid, I always read the last page first. It stressed me out to not know if the mc would survive the story I was reading. I don't do that anymore, though. Now I always read the acknowledgments first.

  4. I never read the ending first, unless it happens accidentally when I'm looking to see how many pages the book has. :)

  5. I don't read the ending until I get there. I probably wouldn't finish the book if I did. I do read magazines from back to front, though. It just makes sense to me.
    As for the movie dilemma, if you are at all enjoying the movie, finish watching it. I don't often watch movies more than once. Only a handful deserve that, I think.

  6. Guilty. I will read the last two pages, but only when I'm frustrated with a book and feeling like I might give up. So far, reading the end has only made me put 3 books down. Usually, it gives me the will to continue.

    If I was an agent, I would rather judge a book by the last two chapters than the first two. I don't mind a story that takes a bit to "get into"... I don't tend to give up on books easily, though.

    RE: Snow White. Please don't put yourself through KS again. Once is plenty! Charlize Theron and Thor (he he) are the only parts worth a second glance. They made the movie for me.

    Time your free movie so you can "sneak in" to the last few minutes of Snow White. :-) Or wait for the DVD and invite some friends over for a drinking game. Every time KS stares blankly or pouts, drink. Wait, then you'll still miss the ending, because you'll have passed out. Hmmmmm...