Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Goals

Fail.  July goals - fail.

Yep, no.

Evil *facepalm*

Seriously, *facepalm*

Here's my goals from July:
* Continue revisions for "Nameless"
Continue revisions from critique partners, hopefully get through chapter 12.  
FAIL.  Both of my CPs are pretty busy and didn't get back to me. :( 

* Read "Insurgent" by Veronica Roth
FAIL.  I didn't actually get any reading done this month.  Gah. :(

* Write to 10,000 words on "Unless"
Current word count is 3,553 so I have to write 6,447 words.
PARTIAL FAIL.  I made it to 9,083.  So I wrote 5,530 words.  Not bad, but didn't quite make it.

* Research ideas for an Elvish word to tattoo on my wrist
FAIL.  I forgot this one was on the list.  Oops.

Well, that was definitely not very productive, but I did move home to my parent's house for financial reasons and I did it in four days.  Impressive, but now I have to settle in.  Not the easiest thing, but it will get better.  Just don't really wanna think about it too much.  Thank goodness for coffee shops for writing time alone.

Goals for August:

* Write to 20,000 words on "Unless"
Yes, I can do this.  I am at 11,125 words - so I need to write 8,875.

* Finish revising my query for "Nameless" and start sending them out
Again, I need to stop delaying and do this. :)

* Read "Insurgent" by Veronica Roth

* Read "The Secret Beneath Bleeker Avenue" by Nessa Toale

Hopefully these goals go much better!  How did your goals for July go?  What are your goals for August?


  1. Coffee shops are great places to write! I don't get to do that much since I had kids though.

    Let's just say I didn't fully achieve any of my writing goals for July either.

    My goal for August is to finish half of the novel I'm planning to self-publish. A lofty goal for sure. I also want to get a short story published in a magazine. Don't know the likelihood of this happening, but I'm going to try.

    Good luck with your August goals!

  2. I've never written in a coffee shop before. Is it as inspiring as I imagine it is? (There really aren't that many coffee shops around here for me to try it, so...yeah... I imagine it's fun.) :)

    "Insurgent" is really good, by the way. Great follow-up to "Divergent."

    Good luck with your goals! :)

  3. You certainly have a list of goals to fulfill for August, I wish you luck pursuing them. I am sure you can do it, keep focused and complete each one a step at a time. Thanks Krista for signing up for my release hop, greatly appreciated!

  4. We all have hard months, and summer is never easy. Stick with it and you'll get there!

  5. Your word count wasn't bad at all! Don't get discouraged, just keep plugging away. I'm certain I won't meet my goal of having a completed draft of my WiP by the end of September, but sometimes life gets in the way. It's a lot harder to stay indoors and write during summer, but we'll see how it goes.

    Good luck with your August goals!

  6. Alright. So July wasn't exactly a "goal-making" month. I'm glad you've addressed it by acknowledging it then making goals for August so you can give this another go.

    I wish you the best in getting your feedback from your CPs, in writing more and loving life most of all :-)

  7. I have some awards for you. Feel free to pick them up anytime!

  8. Ooo, once you start Insurgent, that goal will be checked off in two days :)

  9. Yes, you definitely need to read INSURGENT! And don't worry about the other fails. Sometimes life just gets in the way!

  10. Now I've added Insurgent to my list as well!

    Good for you for getting right back in and making new goals. In fact, good for you for making goals at all. I just tend to muddle along, thinking, "Well, I didn't accomplish very much then, now did I?"

    Here's to a wonderful August.

  11. elvish tattoo sounds epic :) x

  12. Good luck with this month's goals!

  13. What goals?

    But now that I know I can email my script to Dad's kindle and have it look like a book, I'd like to finish a decent draft by late September. Loved the montage -thanks for the chuckle.

  14. I laughed so hard at the "Research elvish word....forgot this was on the list."

    Goals are goals. Don't feel bad if you reach them, it's the dreams you're going after, anyway :)