Thursday, April 11, 2013

J is for Javert, Jean Valjean

Yes, that musical where every single line is sung and some dudes don't like it.  My dad said it had too much singing.  I love it!  Les Miserables.

24601.  Every musical nerd's password after seeing the movie/musical.  Passwords needs five digits?  24601!!

Anyway, back on task.  I love the two main characters, Javert and Jean Valjean.

Jean Valjean was put in prison for nineteen years for stealing a loaf of bread.  He was innocent, only wanting to save the life of a child.  When he is finally relased, Jean Valjean believes he is free, but he never is.  He has no money and the burden of being labeled a criminal.  He attempts to steal from a kind bishop, and gets caught.  The bishop claims he gave the silver to him and sets him free, telling him he must use it to become a better man.  Jean Valjean takes it to heart and changes his ways.  He becomes a successful business man under a new name, but when his mistake costs him the life of a mother, Fantine, he vows to save her child.

Which brings us to Javert, the man who promises to put Jean Valjean in prison and hunts him.  He's not necessarily a bad man, which may be shocking.  Javert is doing what he believes is right.  He's upholding the law, not looking at the heart of the man.  Javert sees him as the convict he was, not the humanitarian he became. 

Jean Valjean saves Cosette from Borat and Bellatrix. (Meh, it's true.)  He raises her as his own child.

Lots of stuff happens, people die, two fall in love and there are songs which made me bawl.  But the point.  Jean Valjean saves Javert's life and spares him.  Javert cannot comprehend that this man has changed and cannot understand the fact that the man he chased most of his life was not what he believed.

I won't spoil the ending for you.  Seriously, go watch the movie or the musical on stage.  The two characters show the difference between love and law.  Freedom and hate.  It's a beautiful story.

Have you seen "Les Miserables"?  Did you enjoy Javert and Jean Valjean's story?


Camp NaNoWriMo Update:                                (because I'm crazy and doing the A-Z and Nano!)
Title:  "Breathless"
Genre:  YA/NA Urban Fantasy
Goal:  30,000

Day Nine:  16,181
Alright day of writing.  I wrote 765 words.  It's been a long week at work and I'm tired not wanting to write much.  I did hold a sick little one-year-old girl for two hours today.  I love my cuddles, but I felt bad she was sick.  It does feel good to see my "words remaining" going down.  I'm getting closer to the scene where Lainey finds out the truth about Jon!


  1. I only saw part of this film. I would have liked to see some more dancing in it. Especially Russell Crowe.

  2. Surprisingly my 17 and 19 year olds are addicted to this. They actually sing the songs in parts, awesome to listen to although sadly not always in key! We've just booked to see the stage version later this year. Looking forward to it.

  3. LOVE Les Mis! And I really like that Aladdin comparison picture, super funny! Have you seen this video BTW? It cracks me up and summarize Les Mis pretty well.

    Also, I still think you're crazy for doing A-Z and camp Nano, so awesome progress!

  4. I haven't seen it, but I'd like to!

    Great job with the writing. Keep it up!

  5. Love love loved it! (Not just because Wolverine is singing in it, lol) but because the story is fab. I was lucky enough to see this on Broadway in NYC and it was so good, it gave me goose bumps. I cried throughout the entire show. It was that amazing!

  6. I enjoyed the movie but adored the play all the more. Perhaps, it was because I saw it on broadway so the electrical buzz found there made it all the more fascinating and palpable. Does that make sense? The cast in the movie were incredible. That Hugh Jackman can act anything. He's a fav!

  7. I can't believe it has been over 15 years since I saw Les Mis!

  8. I really enjoyed the movie. Quite moved by it. :)

  9. I think I saw the stage production 3 times, the movie once and I'll get the DVD for sure. But I have the book and have never read it... I wonder what mr. Hugo would think about the musical sometimes...

  10. Ah. My favorite topic as of late. My eleven year old and I can't get enough and my husband thinks we are batty--but that's okay because he is a very ValJeany type of guy.
    One of my favorite parallels in the story is that the very thing (kindness/compassion) that saves ValJean is what drives Javert to his death. He just can't live with the idea of transformation.
    Such a great story. More. See if you can't find something on "K" for "Les Mis" too...
    ~Just Jill

  11. Wow, you're more than halfway there for Camp NaNo, and we're not even halfway through the month. You're doing a fantastic job. :-)

    All I know about Les Miserables comes from Wikipedia and the movie trailers; I've never seen either the movie or the play. (I do love that little Aladdin/Valjean graphic, though.)

  12. I was able to see it in theatres. I wish I remembered it; I'm going to have to see the movie. You're halfway to your Camp NaNoWriMo goals! Keep it up. :)