Saturday, June 1, 2013

Favorite Faerie Tale Prince Blogfest

To celebrate Rachel Morgan's newest release, The Faerie Prince, she's asked us to name our favorite fairy tale prince (or princess).

My favorite prince is:

Prince Eric from "The Little Mermaid."

Why?  If you look at him one way, Prince Eric is a very flat character.  We learn nothing about his family or his past, other than he is looking for the right woman to marry. He falls in love with her quickly, even falling for a witch by a singing seashell spell. (Say that 5 times fast.)  I guess he's my favorite prince because I always wanted to be a mermaid growing up. I love how he waits. Prince Eric could have settled for a young lady of character and class, but he waited for the one true love. I'm also a sucker for his dark hair and beautiful blue eyes. :)

Since I'm single, I hope that my "prince" is waiting for me. Patiently and always watching the ocean for me. Maybe.  If not, I'll just get a beagle. :)

In celebration, The Faerie Guardian is on sale for a limited time!


There will be a giveaway running from now until the end of the blog tour (Sun 9 June). A giveaway where FOUR people could win something! The prizes are a signed copy of The Faerie Prince (or The Faerie Guardian, should the winner prefer that), an Amazon gift card, a mini book pendant and necklace, and a Creepy Hollow pin badge. Check out the pic below!
Giveaway is open internationally

Enter here or on Rachel's site!  CONGRATULATIONS Rachel!

Who is your favorite prince or princess?


Come back on Wednesday, June 5th - I'll be sharing my review of  "The Faerie Prince"!!!


  1. You're not the only one to name Eric as your favorite. Would you believe that's one of the only Disney animated films I've never seen?

  2. After watching The Little Mermaid a zillion times, I also wanted to be a mermaid (spent many hours in the swimming pool pretending I was!). Great choice, and thank you for taking part in the blog fest!

  3. Mmm... I love them all, although I have a sort of soft spot for the Beast.