Monday, July 1, 2013

July Goals

It's July, though hard to believe here in Iowa. We have a saying "Knee high by the fourth of July". It deals with the height of the corn. A lot of the corn here was planted late because of a ton of spring rains or never even was planted. So... most of the corn is pretty short. That makes it not really seem like July. Well, now you learned something about Iowa today. :)

Anyway, it's time for an update in goals!

Here are my goals from June:
* Complete another round of revisions for "Defiance"
Done and sent off another round of queries! Crossing my fingers!

* Read "Wake" by Amanda Hocking

* Finish CP's book - "Black and White"

Benedict Cumberbatch, because I'm currently in love with "Sherlock"
Not bad - I finished two out of three goals! I spent quite a bit of the month revising and didn't get much reading done. Hopefully I can get more reading done this month. I will be pretty busy, so I'm not giving myself too tough of goals. I'm moving on August 1st and I'll need time to pack and such. Super exciting to be moving out of my parent's basement! If you remember last July, I ran out of money since I only had a crappy job. August came, I moved home of my parent's and I found a great job. Finally, I'm ready to flee the nest! Again. :)

Goals for July:
* Another round of revisions for "Breathless"
Changing from YA to NA, adding slight romantic physical cues, and adding two chapters before the fair.

* Celebrate my 3rd year of blogging

* Pack to move to my new apartment!

Not a difficult list of goals, but a nice list. Be sure to come back to my blog on July 7th - I will be hosting a celebration for 3 years of blogging and doing a giveaway! :)  How did your goals for June go? What are your goals for July?

Good luck to everyone doing the July session of Camp Nano! I decided to stay home, away from the mosquitoes this session.


  1. Good job on your goals! It sounds like you had a good June. Moving-whew. You're going to be busy, huh?

    My June was pretty successful. This month is keeping up the good work and pushing it to great :)

    1. Thanks! Moving is going to be busy. I'm not a big fan of packing and such, but I will be glad to have my own bathroom and bedroom in my new apartment. That makes moving worth it. :)

      Glad your June was successful! :)

  2. It's exciting to be fleeing the nest once again! Good luck with all your packing and your other July goals.

  3. Oh man did I fall short on my June goals. But good for you Krista on sending out all of those queries. I'm still working on getting around to that... Can you say procrastinate? LOL, That's me. Good luck on hitting all of your July goals and fingers crossed those queries get picked up.

  4. Good job getting it ready and out to query! Woo hoo!
    And I'm in MN, so I totally get the knee high thing! It's been a crazy year, weather-wise.

  5. Congratulations on completing two out of three goals, and three years blogging! Good luck with this month's goals :)