Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Reasons Why I am a Dateable Nerd

Today is Cassie Mae's book birthday for her book, "How to Date a Nerd" and her celebratory "How to Date a Nerd Blog Hop". I am super excited for this book - it released early last night and I already bought it! I can't wait to dig in and read it!

In celebration of her book, I am sharing the nerdiest thing about me - 9 Reasons Why I am a Dateable Nerd, which I think will be Cassie approved. :)

Reason 1 - I'm a Trekkie
I was pretty much born knowing who Captain Kirk and Spock are. My dad used to watch the original series with me and Voyager when I was a bit older and started to fall in love with everything Star Trek.

Reason 2 - I solve crimes
NCIS - My best friend, Jessica introduced me to NCIS during the early seasons. I fell in love with Tony's charm and Gibbs' head slaps. Don't get me started on McGee - he's my favorite little nerd. I recognized him from when he played Thackery Binx in "Hocus Pocus". I've seen all of the episodes and I love them!

Reason 3 - I'd look great in Black Widow's leather
I love all of the new movies. I admit I don't read too many of the comics, but I wouldn't be against reading them with you. :) Captain America is my favorite. I have two Captain America t-shirts.

Reason 4 - I've read the books
I'm a huge Harry Potter nerd and don't worry, I've read all of the books. I appreciate the movies, even if I wanted them to include more information from the movie. I even draw Deathly Hallows marks on my bathroom mirror.

Reason 5 - I'm Arwen
I first read the Lord of the Rings when I was thirteen and I love Tolkien. He's my favorite author. Aragorn is my favorite character; the handsome King. I'm obsessed with the movies and insist that the extended editions are the only way to watch the films. I even have my own Evenstar necklace and matching earrings.

Reason 6 - I play games
Whether you want to play Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit, where I will kick your butt, or play Harry Potter trivia, I am willing! I enjoy puzzles and some video games!

Reason 7 - I only have fictional boyfriends

You don't have to worry about me being too distracted by others. I really only date fictional men, so you'd be my only real boyfriend. :)

Reason 8 - I have nerdy conversations

I went to Target today, wearing my awesome "No, I'm from Iowa, I only work in outer space. -Captain Kirk" tshirt. The male cashier looked at me once before doing a double-take.
Guy: So, do you like Star Trek or just the shirt?
Me: I love Star Trek.
Guy: Really, awesome! What did you think of the new movie?
Me: I loved it. Parts were a little "meh" but I like how the two timelines work.
Guy: What do you think about the new upcoming Star Wars?
Me: I don't know. I like the originals, but I'm not sure they can make another and have it be as good.
Guy: I agree. My fiance doesn't like either. I've gotten her to watch a few and she knows only the names. She's seen the classic tribbles though.
Me: That's a great classic to watch.
Guy: I got my friend hooked on Enterprise. I just hate it is such a short series.
Me: Enterprise is my favorite. I have all the seasons.
(Guy checks out my stuff and I pay, he hands me the receipt and my bag.)
Guy: I could talk to you all day about Star Trek.
Me: I could too. It's that great.
Guy: (laughs) Have a great day!
Me: You too!
The only thing disappointing about the conversation was the fact he had a fiance. Darn, he was handsome and geeky. Guess I'll have to keep searching.

Reason 9 - I have boobs
Sorry, you don't get a picture of this one. But I'm a nerd with boobs. I think Cassie will agree, it makes me a dateable nerd. :)

Thanks for reading my list!! Congratulations to Cassie on the release of her book! And make sure you buy Cassie Mae's new book, "How to Date a Nerd"!!


  1. This is about the most awesome thing I've ever seen. I love it! I saw your board games and I want to come to your house and have a trivia night! Seriously, we should do that sometime.

    I'm a nerd with boobs too, lol!

    Thanks, Krista! This was so super awesome

  2. Great list! And I love that T-shirt. I love NCIS too; I love that look that Gibbs gives the team members when he wants them to get to the point. I just wish that Cote de Pablo (Ziva) wasn't leaving the show.

  3. Lots of fun! You covered a lot of nerd bases. :)

  4. And nearly forgot - congrats to Cassie!

  5. Very cool! All of my HP movies are on iTunes... LOL love the nerd with boobs comment!

  6. I'm still a huge Harry Potter fan and will reread the entire series again. And so many nerdettes look awesome in leather!!!

  7. You are quite THE nerd! ;) My favorite character on NCIS is Abby. :D But, holy cow, I didn't know McGee played Thackery Binx in Hocus Pocus! Consider my mind blown! lol Oh, and Aragorn is damn hot! ;)

    I participated in Cassie's Blog Hop too, so you can also check out (and make fun of) my nerdiness. :P

  8. If you're buying the tee shirts, go ahead and carry the nerd card and join the club.
    (Now to catch a nerd, avoid the bars...you need to hang out in GameStop)

  9. Great post! You totally made me laugh. I'm with you in the LOTR department. I read them first when I was eleven and then a couple more times as an adult. Surprisingly, I haven't read The Hobbit- but it's on my bookshelf waiting.
    I love t-shirts. I just found a Superman t-shirt but I've been dying for a Captain America one. When the new movie comes out next year, I'm sure they'll be all over the place.

  10. Great list!
    I have Moobs, do they count?
    Don't worry you'll find your Aragorn.

  11. I'm not that into Star Trek (although I loved the recent movies), but I'm with you on the superheros! They rock!

  12. My favorite is #7, "I only have fictional boyfriends." Hahaha. Those pictures are adorable.