Saturday, October 19, 2013

And THAT's the way the cake crumbles

I made the ugliest cake. No joke. People should probably document it and place it in a file among the worst cakes baked and study the stupidity of the baker. I occasionally have baking fails, like the time I screwed up jell-o. But. This one literally takes the cake. I was attempting to make a birthday cake for my roommate since her birthday is tomorrow.

The First Mistake:
I had no baking spray, so I read on the internet....

Yes, that was my fault. I read you can rub butter in the pan to make it non-stick. I forgot that butter will bake in the oven, making it useless. So... you guessed it? The cake STUCK to the pan and since I was trying to make a two layer cake... it fell all over the plate. I managed to scoop it up and put the second half on top.

The Second Mistake:

I forgot to put frosting in-between the two layers of cake. Yep, you can't pick up an incredibly soft cake and fix it. So, I called my mom and complained, but decided to put frosting on the cake and make it work.

The Third and Final, Takes the Cake Mistake:
Frosting did NOT save the cake. The cake was so soft it stuck to the knife and refused to spread across the cake. Yes, the cake was cool, but it apparently didn't matter. The cake died.

At this point, I was laughing as I continued to try and fix the frosting.

Instead, I fell to the floor hysterically crying as I tried not to wipe cake on my face and the floor. I just wanted to make a nice cake and I felt like I failed. No one baking fails like me. My mind compared my life to the cake; when I try to fix my life I'm like the cake and it continues to crumb. I've had a stressful past few weeks. I lost the job I loved and after weeks of searching I found a job in retail. I feel like I've let myself down and I expected more from my life. I'm a crumbled cake. But that's not the point.

Writing is like baking a cake. Sometimes it crumbles. Your rough draft can be awful and you feel like crying over it as you try to add some sweet scenes to fix it. It continues to crumble. But it's gonna be okay. You can still keep the good parts and you always get a second draft. A re-do.

The good news, my roommate loved my birthday cake attempt. It's the thought that counts and that's the way the cake crumbles. :)

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  1. Oh no, I'm so sorry about the cake! It is the MOST FRUSTRATING thing when you're trying to ice a cake and the cake sticks to the icing and peels up while you're trying to ice it. Drives me INSANE!!!