Tuesday, December 31, 2013

To the New Year - 2014 Goals

Happy New Year's Eve! Today's my birthday! :) I'm twenty-five and 1/4th of a century old today. I'm not incredibly excited, but I do love having cake.

Goals for 2014

Writing Goals –

* Complete another round of revisions by February
* Hire editor/cover artist
* Self-publish

“Somebody to Love”
* Complete revisions by June
* Send to critique partners
* Finish another round of revisions
* Query

“Defiance/The Damned”
* Complete another round of revisions
* Consider self-publishing series

NaNoWriMo – November
* Write a new novel

Personal –
* Finish rereading “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy
* Read at least 40 books
* See “The Hobbit: There and Back Again”
* Get a tattoo

Those are my goals for 2014 - hopefully they go well and I really hope to be published this year! :)

Happy New Year to everyone! Happy Birthday to me and Happy Birthday to Lord Voldemort!



    Fabulous goals. I hope 2014 is spectacular for you. <3

  2. Happy birthday, Krista! Wishing you all the best in the new year. ☺

  3. Gads...25?!?!?!? Happy Birthday young lady!! Have a great time!

  4. Happy Birthday! Good luck with your goals :)