Tuesday, March 25, 2014

One more week!

One more week until my debut novella, BREATHLESS, releases and you can all read it!

I'm getting a little nervous with the date coming up, but I'm still very excited! Really, what do I have to worry about though?

 (Benedict, stop it. I'm trying to concentrate.)

Anyway, I keep finding myself opening it to make sure I didn't miss anything and then wanting to mentally smack myself. But the book is ready and I'm ready... okay, I'm lying - I will be ready in one week!

(Benedict... what was I... give me another minute to finish... or something.)

I'm now having trouble focusing, but... there's still plenty of time to sign up to join my bloghop to celebrate the release. I've got 10 people signed up, which is incredibly exciting! You are all welcome to join! I'll be sharing a completely embarrassing romantic flop of my own. I haven't decided if I want to talk about how I'm Taylor Swift (yes, I am - just ask my best friend) or if I want to tell about the time I de-pantsed myself in front of my crush. You don't want to miss out! Prizes. Yes, there's also a fun giveaway!!

Anyway, I wanted to share a little teaser with you today to celebrate!

Jon might be your new book boyfriend. He's a sweet romantic and cute! One more week and BREATHLESS will be available to read on Amazon's Kindle and Barnes and Noble's Nook! Thanks for visiting... I think I have plans for the next week...

Yep, anyway - feel free to add Breathless to your Goodreads list or stalk me later! I have to go re-watch episodes of "Sherlock". :)


  1. Next Tuesday will be a big day for you!!

  2. And I sent you Twitter Direct Message about featuring your book next week. (Sorry, couldn't find your email here.)

  3. Ooh! I love Sherlock! And Benedict Cumber-whatever-his-surname-is!

    Ahem, anyway. Back to BREATHLESS! So exciting for you!