Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Camp NaNoWriMo Winner!

I barely made it in time, but yesterday I finished writing my Camp NaNoWriMo novel, tentatively called "Cursed", though I'm thinking of renaming it to "Beauty and the Geek". I know the name has been used, but it really really really... really really fits for this novel. I will think about it. Anyway, 30,159 words! My goal was to make it to 30k on this novella.

Yay! I made it.

I also realized that this is my TENTH novel I've written! I'm incredibly excited about this! I have high dreams for this one. It's retelling of "Beauty and the Beast", with a deaf girl and a geek. I love Jared, he's so sweet and romantic! In his own Trekkie way... but he's pretty wonderful. :)

Here's a little teaser of Alanna interacting with Jared:

Staring at the numbers and letters was giving me a headache. But I had to figure it out. I’d only scored 54 out of 100 on the exam Friday. I rested my chin on my hands.

“You need to move the first digit to the second column to be able to find the answer for X.”

I glanced up at Jared. His smile reached his eyes. “And then if I just fold on the middle line, I’ll be able to make an origami swan.”

“That takes quite a few more folds.” Jared picked up the tub and carried it into the washroom.

“Okay. If I did that, how would I finish the problem?”

Jared’s head popped around the corner and his blue eyes caught the light. I quickly looked away. He came to stand next to me, grabbing the glasses hanging from the front his apron. I hadn’t even noticed he wore glasses. Jared pushed the black frames up his nose and he leaned over, putting his elbows on the sticky surface.

“You move the X over, divide for Y and take it times the multiplier to get the answer.” Jared picked up the piece of notebook paper. “Or you could do this.”

A smile crossed my face as I watched him fold the paper until it slightly resembled a flying bird. He handed it to me and pulled off his glasses.

“See, it’s a swan.”

“It looks like a duck with beak issues.” I deadpanned.
“Okay, I guess I’m better at math than I am at making origami animals. My paper airplanes win awards, though.” Jared let his glasses slide to the end of his nose as he looked at me over the lenses.

How do your month of April go? If you did Camp NaNoWriMo, I hope you did some writing! And congrats to everyone who finished the A to Z Blogging Challenge! :)


  1. Congrats on completing Camp Nanowrimo Krista! Did A-Z Challenge this year. What about Silent Beauty for a more unique title. Though Beauty and the Geek might be a better title than Cursed since you don't want the deaf community side of potential readership to feel like you're suggesting being deaf is completely terrible. Joining your blog and will try to pop by again. Hey I see Seckman picture, nice that she's a member.

    Also enjoyed reading the excerpt. Jared made me laugh and he definitely made a better origami animal than I would have.

    1. I love the title Silent Beauty, thank you! Of course I don't want to be offensive to the deaf community. Cursed was just the rough title when the book was supposed to go another way.

      Thank so much! :)

  2. Woot! Congrats. And 10 novels is impressive. Your characters already sound very cute, based on this extract!

    1. Thanks so much Nick! :) I really appreciate your kind words!