Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Book Birthday AND The Romantic Flop Blog Hop!

It's my book birthday!! BREATHLESS is live and for sale for only $1.99 so you should totally buy it and review it... because I love all of you. :)

So... give me a second...


Pretending I can dance...

Okay, I think I'm calmed down a little bit. :)


On to the important stuff! Today is the first day of "The Romantic Flop Blog Hop", which gives everyone a chance to share an awkward moment they’ve had with someone they had a crush on, whether you eventually married the person or never saw them again. In the beginning of BREATHLESS, Lainey has an awkward encounter with her love interest and it's hilarious!

I've decided to share about my romantic flops in the form of me being Taylor Swift. Ask my best friend. I am Taylor Swift. Let's see...

Taylor Swift dated a guy named Drew. Yep, I did too.
Taylor Swift liked a guy named Stephen (song: Hey Stephen). Yep, I did too. * I also might have anonymously sent him that song on a CD and nothing else. It's okay, he's married now and I apologized for my awkwardness.
Taylor Swift is never, ever getting back together with a guy (song: Never Ever Getting Back Together). Yep, I've dated the same guy twice in a 5 year period. Trust me, we are never ever ever ever ever ever getting back together this time.

See, I'm Taylor Swift. Kinda. Also once on a choir trip, I depantsed myself by stepping on my skirt after sitting on the bus floor. Luckily it was dark and no one saw my bright white slip beneath my black skirt. Oops!

I'd love to hear about your romantic flops, sign up below through April 3rd and visit everyone else!

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  1. Congrats on your book release! If I haven't left a review for you on Amazon by the end of the week, feel free to nudge me!

    Haha, wow you really ARE Taylor Swift!

  2. Congratulations! Love the comparisons to Taylor Swift :)

  3. Hooray!!!!! Gotta remember to post my flop in the midst of the a-z challenge!

  4. I remember when that book came out last year. A very a merry book birthday! :)

  5. Congratulations! I'm excited to read it! And my 'flop' post will go up on Wednesday. :)

  6. I think you really might be Taylor Swift! And nothing like an awkward depantsing. Congratulations on your book release! I'll post my romantic flop a little later today!