Friday, May 23, 2014

Diversity in Young Adult Romance

I've been working on revisions for "Silent Beauty" and I'm finished with them! So, super yay! I really like how the novel is turning out. I sent it to three girls for some overall critique and my email is starting to get angry at how many times I've refreshed it in the past two weeks. I've decided I'd really like to pursue a small publishing house for this novella instead of self-publishing at this time. I really love it!

There's been a lot of talk about diversity in novels recently. I completely agree. I'm really proud of how diverse the characters are in "Silent Beauty". My main character, Alanna, is partially deaf due to an illness and an accident that accelerated the disease. She's ashamed of her hearing aids and quiet. Her best friend, Atticus, is gay and endures constant bullying, along with his own mother struggling to accept him. Her love interest, Jared, is a geek and beaten-up for his love. Another character has a physical disability. I also wanted to include the depth of how different their lives can be and their families. One is being raised by an aunt, another by a single mom, and one by a step-mom and father. Diversity! :)

One of the girls who is reading "Silent Beauty" and giving feedback for me, already sent me an email to tell me how she's enjoying reading about the depth in the story and how she's obsessed with Alanna and her story! She loves that the romance has depth to it. I think it makes my story stand out to have a romantic theme, but also be dealing with real issues. It makes me very excited for the project!

It's also made me think about what I'd like to write next and I've come up with a few little ideas. I've already written two fairy-tale retelling books and I've got ideas for a new one. I like taking fairy-tales and changing them into modern retellings. My next one is possibly going to be a retelling of Cinderella with a girl named Bristol. With a possible love interest named Lukas. An international love. :)

But right now I'm going to focus on waiting for feedback and preparing to do another round of revisions. I hope your writing/revisions are going well. Have a great holiday weekend in the states! I'm heading on a short road trip to see a friend for the weekend and I'm very excited for a vacation.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Diversity makes books more interesting, and there are plenty of people who are different in some way and who rarely see characters like themselves in books. Silent Beauty sounds wonderful!

  2. WAY TO GO! Diversity is SO IMPORTANT! There are so many differences in all of us, and showing that in our books adds depth and reality. Your book sounds fabulous!

  3. I've also been following the diversity in YA stuff on tumblr and twitter. I found some great new authors to try out.

  4. I've (finally) been catching up on your blog posts, and I'm so impressed by all of the writing and work you are doing. Reading about your successes and overcoming hurdles has really inspired me to pick up and edit my own writing again and to not give up. <3

    As a side note, I love fairy tales retold in the modern times. Count me in as a fan for life. :)